25 August 2011

Updates from a Whirlwind Summer

A short update of the past month:
* Last day of work in Sacramento
* Visit to grandma's house in New Mexico
* Visit to James & Denise's new place in the LA area
* Mom's wedding
* Disneyland with the sister, mom, & Doug (my mom's husband)
* Started on an exciting online project with a friend
* Online teaching internship started
* Move to London

A short update of the past week:
* Flew into London Heathrow last Thursday (exactly one week ago)
* Interviewed on Friday - offered the job Friday
* Started work orientation on Monday
* Have been apartment hunting
* Put down a deposit on a place today
* First proper day of work tomorrow
* Lots of work to do on the internship

As you can see, a lot is happening in my life this summer! It has been beautiful but simply exhausting. I have been begged to start posting again by my fans prompted to start posting again by a few blogger friends. (Thanks for missing me, guys! I missed you, too!)

So here we go! I'm looking forward to getting this here blog rolling again :.) I've got plenty of photos and Travel Thursday ideas saved up - I hope you're excited!


P.S. Does anyone use the Blogger app for Android? I tried to start using it about a month back & couldn't get my post up!