20 April 2011

Dream Dress

How perfect is the Posh Panache Dress for any & all occasions?!? I would like to purchase it & wear it to one wedding & one wedding rehearsal (I'm attending one & participating in one in June). However, I of course have fallen in love with the most expensive dress on ModCloth... sad face.

I might compromise for the Front and Centerpiece Dress, though:

I wish I had the bod for this one:

But really, I probably need a bit more color for summer weddings. Yay for having something to shop for!


09 April 2011

Skype Dating

Long distance can be hard, especially when months can go by without so much as a visit. Jonty & I do pretty well to talk to each other often, send goodies in the mail, & remind each other how much our relationship means.

However, thanks to this little post by a fabulous gal I know from high school, we have taken our relationship to the next level: Skype dating.

Our typical Skype date goes like this: We make a meal (or a dessert) together, then eat it while watching a movie. The above photo was our first one. We made kebabs & rice then watched Equilibrium with Christian Bale. Jonty & I didn't make the exact same thing - I had Mediterranean haloumi & veggie kebabs with mixed couscous, while he had chicken & veggie kebabs with rice - and of course mine was more delicious. But we really enjoyed pseudo- spending time together.

Nothing can replace snuggling up with your loved one, but if you're away from your beau, here are my tips for a good Skype date:

* Try to schedule it when nobody else is at home, so it's just you two.
* Make the same meal, preferably a recipe you've never made before. That way, you can do each step together, rather than just cooking/baking at the same time.
* Pick some good music to play while cooking/baking.
* Sync the films up at the beginning. It will be worth it.
* Watch the film on a TV, not your laptop (if possible).
* Turn down the computer's volume enough to cancel out the doubling effect of the other movie playing but high enough that you can still hear the other person if they want to comment.
* Keep the text chat up as well.
* Remember that nothing can live up to the real thing, but appreciate the experience.

Skype on, & have a great weekend!


07 April 2011

Summery Guest Blogging & Remix Reflections

Well, well, well... I have been completely in hiatus for the past month. I guess the combination of catching up on schoolwork after my trip(my class was only seven weeks & ended week before last), working tons, & general life craziness has taken all of my energy.

But today, the fabulously fun and talented Marisa Midori over on Good Good has been so kind as to have be as a guest blogger! Please go check out my post on the lovely things I look forward to this summer, as week as the rest of this week's guest posts on the summer loveliness.

Since I've posted on another blog, I think it's about time to get down & dirty here, too. On another note, I want to reflect on the 30 for 30 Remix that I finished in the beginning of March.
The Remix was quite hard for me for a few reasons:

1) There are several outfits that I wear more than every 30 days, especially my travel outfit (navy dress, leggings, cardigan).
2) Some items (e.g. my gray cardigan) are thrown with most outfits most days.
3) I didn't really wear the jackets at all.
4) I put too many pairs of pants (especially jeans) in my list of items.
5) It was warm in California when I chose my items, then it got chilly & cold, then I went to colder England & then even colder Germany.

Here are the things that I learned about myself & my style during those thirty days:

1) I do not have enough cardigans in my life.
2) I don't often wear jackets for style, just when I need a winter coat.
3) I'm pretty boring when it comes to style. There are a few outfits that I'm happy to wear at once a week, and a few items that I throw in with the majority of my outfits.
4) Cold weather and I are not yet acquainted enough for me to understand how to dress for the cold. When I was in Berlin, I basically just put as many layers on as possible.
5) On a normal day, I do not pay enough attention to accessories. Fair enough, I wear an apron, a hat, & sometimes a chef's coat at work, but from now on I'm going to try to pay a bit more attention to my style on the daily.

The Remix was fun, & it made packing for my trip a lot easier! It also made me thankful for all of the choices I have my in closet.

Thanks for putting up with my absence! I'm happy to be back. It's getting to be my bedtime, but I look forward to writing more soon! Berlin photos & more are coming up. What have you all been up to?