28 September 2011

Sunny London

London's forecast for the week is all sunny weather, around 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). It is still morning, & it's absolutely beautiful outside. Here is the view from my work spot at the dining room table. Blissful :.)

(Except for the heavy machinery & yelling of the construction next door...)

I hope you're all enjoying summer's lingering this year.


21 September 2011

The Philosophers' Song

I've been working nonstop on the course content for an online philosophy class that I'm helping to teach, & this song keeps popping up in my mind & on my computer. Have you ever heard it? As a philosopher, I find it endlessly fun.


In Love with this Ampersand!

My birthday is tomorrow... Who wants to buy it for me?? :.)


05 September 2011

Quite a Quote: Ideas

"The idea hovered & shimmered delicately, like a soap bubble, & she dared not even look at it directly in case it burst. But she was familiar with the way of ideas, & she let it shimmer, looking away, thinking about something else."
-- Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass