27 August 2009

My Final Week

I leave for the UK at 6am one week from tomorrow. As I begin my last week in America for a while, I am realizing this next few days will be very eventful. [Keep in mind that I will be running around like a mad woman and packing throughout all of this.]

My last day working for Tahoe Creamery will be Saturday. I have already said good-bye to the Roseville Whole Foods, and Saturday will be Arden's turn. I've gotten to know the stores and the employees so well this summer, and it's weird that it's all ending.

My last River Cats game will be Friday, which I'm sure will be a busy night, and I can't believe I won't be watching any more games, joking with old men about ordering more beers, or dancing with Dinger (the mascot) and children. This season has been so much fun, and it's ending so fast.

Speaking of jobs, my bookstore gig will be over the day before I leave as well. In fact, I will be working pretty much up to the point of hopping into the car to head to San Francisco.

Friday (after work), I have some pretty mind boggling (and Top Secret!) plans with a few friends that I'm really excited about.

Saturday night will be my going away party, which I am both excited and nervous about, as I invited lots of my friends and pretty much the entire Whole Foods store at both locations. Hopefully only the coolest will show (and bring their own drinks)!

Sunday will be my very first grown-up wedding. My friends Valerie and Zach will be having an evening wedding, and I'll be showing up with two of my very best gal pals. I'll be happy to arrive with friends, as I expect many of the groom's guests to be glaring in my direction. You see, my ex-boyfriend is a groomsman, and while he and I are on good terms, several of his friends are angry with me about the breakup. It's completely ridiculous, and I shouldn't care about them, but in a way I do because they were my friends once too. Plus, I don't like to be viewed as the bad guy, especially when the whole situation hurt me too and there was nothing I wanted less than to hurt this guy who is one of the nicest people I know and who I still consider a friend. Bleh, I digress, but you can see why I'm a bit anxious about the wedding. Above all, though, I am excited for the wedding and so happy for the newlyweds!

Well, I am wasting away one of my last nights with my best friend, my sister. I'm going to miss her so very very very much. So I must go.


24 August 2009

Sleep Talking

...is proof that Whoever Is Up There has a sense of humor.

This happened when I woke my sister up the other night, after she had taken a Tylenol PM. I wrote it down so I would remember to tell her in the morning, & I just found the note. Amazing.

Stephanie: "It's just really cute."
Me: "Hm?"
Stephanie: "It's just really cute."
Me: "Uhm, what is?"
Stephanie: "Didn't you ask me why I keep the hammer?"
[And then she fell back into a deep sleep.]

When I was a little girl, maybe around five years old, my Grandpa Gary told me that he didn't dream, that he had stopped years ago. I couldn't believe it! As a kid I had such vibrant dreams (& still do sometimes, though more are nightmares nowadays), and the thought of having none made absolutely no sense to me. In fact, I felt bad for Grandpa. I wonder why some people remember their dreams and others don't. Dreams have always interested me, maybe because it's one of the few things on Earth that we still don't quite understand. I think if I would have remained a Psychology major I would have studied them in more detail. Maybe I still will--I do plan on being a lifelong student, after all.

Well, I'm off to experience dreams myself! Night!


22 August 2009

The Rainbow Connection

I'm in love with Jason Mraz's rendition of "The Rainbow Connection" by The Carpenters. I actually adore this song--I sang it at my kindergarten graduation and will never forget it. And Jason's version sounds sooo nice. Perhaps I can learn to play it on guitar :.)


Books & Forgotten Bookmarks

I found a fantastic blog! It's called Forgotten Bookmarks. The blogger works at a used and rare bookstore and posts when he/she (not sure if the author a man or woman) finds interesting notes, etc. that have been left in books. There are some really cool discoveries on this page.

Speaking of books, do you ever feel like life is an obstacle in the way of reading-time? Sometimes when I'm reading a good novel it's so hard for me to step away from it (or to avoid it altogether) in order to go out on the town, go to work, etc. Wouldn't it be nice to curl up in this little safe haven and read into the night? Mmm.


21 August 2009

I ♥ Finding a New Cafe

Temple Fine Coffee & Tea has opened a new location in Sacramento. Sissa and I checked it out this morning when we met my mom for a coffee break. I'm loving the atmosphere (and of course the coffee)!

The natural ashy stain on the wood won me over.

It's very open, with a nice big wall of windows.

I enjoyed an amazing pumpkin muffin, delicious organic & single origin coffee, great books, & some philosophy research. What could be better? Also, this was Delilah's first time out of the house. (Delilah is my new Mac's name.)

I looked around and realized I fit pretty well into the stereotype of someone who would hang out at an independent coffeehouse. But I don't mind so much; of all the stereotypes to be under, I would most likely choose this one.

Not a bad way to spend my morning. I'm going to miss all of my spots (new & old) in Sac. But it will definitely be fun to find new cafes (& bookstores, etc.) in Bristol.


20 August 2009


While at work today, Sissa sent me a text message that said I had received a package from Jonty. I waited in anticipation for the rest of my shift, and when I got home I immediately went straight for the parcel, looking of olden days wrapped in brown paper.

After unwrapping two layers of paper and cutting through a meticulous tape job (My sweetie is very thorough.), I discovered some lovely surprises!

In the box, I found: (1) a little note on a vintage-looking tag, (2) Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite by Paul Arden [a book that Jonty had been wanting me to read, yet he wouldn't tell me the title or anything about it], (3) a mix CD with some nice summery music, (4) a photo of him looking silly, and (5) some I ♥ Oxford potholders [for my family]. I thought it was a very creative and thoughtful package, and it definitely made my day!

Side note: I apologize for the bad quality of many of my photos lately. I've gotten into the habit of photographing with my cell phone, and the pictures obviously don't turn out as well as with a real camera.

It's funny how people are with surprises. Some people absolutely do not like being surprised. It makes them uncomfortable to encounter something they don't know. Most people say they like surprises, yet how many kids peek at Christmas present hiding spots? I did once, and I'm happy I didn't find much. I absolutely LOVE to be surprised, even if it's small. In fact, Jonty told me that his dad doesn't like to find out anything about a movie before going to see it in the cinema, and I really like that. I've begun doing that myself. In fact, I just started this book that my stepmom recommended to me:

I opened it blindly, having ignored the description on the back, and knowing only that someone I know enjoyed it. It's really exciting to go into something knowing that I will be surprised, no matter what. Speaking of my stepmom, she likes to read the end before beginning the book so that she can go through it slowly and not be concerned with how it will finish. I, on the other hand, usually cannot even read a book if I know how it ends, especially if I've seen the movie. I can't wait to see where Me & Emma leads me.

I have poured myself a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio (which is very refreshing, as it has been a while since I've had white wine) and plan to while away the evening reading my new book. I hope you enjoy your evening as well :.)


18 August 2009

Summer Loves

I've made some wonderful discoveries this summer, and they have carried through and have really become mild obsessions. For good reason, of course. I definitely suggest you check them out too. As obsessions go, I'd say they're good ones.

1. Whole Foods

This store is seriously amazing. When I walk in, I literally want to buy almost everything I see. The prepared food section is TO DIE FOR. And the best part: They don't have anything with preservatives, antibiotics, or other unnatural ingredients, so it's to die for but it won't kill you. On top of all that, the employees ("team members") are such outgoing and sweet people. I have been so blessed to work there this summer. I've learned a lot about food and about what's good for our bodies and our Earth, and I've gotten to know some great people. If you haven't been there, you really must make it a priority to go soon. Preferrably on a weekend so you can get some samples :.)

2. The Open Door EP by Death Cab for Cutie
Even though it's only five songs long, this mini album is one of my favorites. These musicians are so talented, and the lyrics are fantastic! It's nothing less than poetry. I've been especially obsessed with Death Cab's song "Little Bribes":

There's also a lovely live version of the song here.

3. ModCloth
Warning: Don't follow this link if you can't control your purchasing when you see great clothes/accessories/apartment decor. I'm telling you, you will want to buy just about everything you click on. I've noted some of their lovely items before. I especially love their dresses!

4. Polyvore
This site is lots of fun. You can shop, create sets (like the one above), and look at sets other users have made. It's a great way to play with shapes and colors, to plan an outfit, or to just be creative.

5. Blogs
Maybe I don't have to say this because I'm blogging at the moment (well, actually you're reading it at the moment but let's not get technical), but I have fallen in love with all things blog. I think of what I may want to mention in my blog throughout the day, consider creative options, and follow quite a few blogs as well. It's such a nice way to connect with yourself and with the world--I've even been getting some of my friends (and my sister) into it. And I was actually thinking earlier today that my friends/family must be thankful for my new blogging habit because I can use it as an outlet for what I like and what I'm thinking--and so maybe I go on and on about things a bit less ;.)

I'm leaving in a bit for my last Zumba class with Rachel. Then, after shower/dinner, we're going to the drive-in theater (accompanied also by Sissa), and we plan to stay for two movies (adventurous, I know). I'm not sure what we're going to see, since The Proposal isn't playing tonight as we had hoped, but I'm sure it will be fun nevertheless.


Mini Rant Sesh

Okay I just deleted an entire rant to save anyone reading this from my inane ramblings. (Hence, "mini" rant sesh.)

I have taken a deep breath. Perhaps I should take another one now... *inhale* *exhale*

All I will say is that I am sick of dealing with, and worrying about, my application for a UK visa. I have an appointment tomorrow to get my biometric data (aka photo & fingerprints) taken, and then I can send it off. Though I'll still be worrying about it until I have my passport back in my hand, stamped and ready for my adventure.

While I'm being Negative Nancy, I will say that lately I've really been finding out who my true friends are. It's sad that I was extending so much effort and time to people who don't put out the same energy.

But I will put my Miss Sunshine hat back on and say that I am actually happy to be learning who I can really count on because I am able to concentrate on spending time with these people that really matter, rather than running around trying to see and please everyone. It simplifies my life a bit. And I think we can all use a bit more simplicity...


16 August 2009

Nice Night on the River Train

I just got home from a great evening with my family. We went on the Sacramento River Train, where we had a very nice dinner (bread, salad, roast beef, vegetables, potatoes au gratin), wine, and dessert (carrot cake). Then we listened to some live music in the lounge car and watched the scenery in the open air car. It was lovely to have a night out with them, as I leave in less than two weeks and I'm going to miss them loads. Here are a few photos from the night:

My sister and I are quite a pair when it comes to taking photos, as you may have noticed.

All of the lovely wine has made me exhausted. Time for bed! :.)

Have I mentioned I finished my book?


15 August 2009

I finished my book!

Yay! I've been saying I'll finish it for much too long, and now I finally got to the end!!! This is not the end, as there is one more book in the series coming out in the future. But I did enjoy the book, and I'm always sad when I come to the last page. Farewell, Brisingr.

I'd also like to pat myself on the back for not blogging about a particular frustration of mine. No, I'm going to let go because it's not worth my time to be upset about it.

I'm about to watch an episode or two of Firefly with Sissa. I'm really loving this series, and I'm sad there's only one season to watch (as it was canceled after 14 episodes), plus a movie (Serenity). It really is a great show, though. I guess people didn't catch on to how great it is until it was over. Such a bummer. But I'm going to relish every moment of it :.)


14 August 2009

Growing Up

It's such a strange feeling to be growing up. It just hit me, literally, yesterday. A good friend of mine just signed an agreement for her own, one bedroom apartment. Yes, I've known people to live on their own in the past, but this particular person has been wanting to for a long time. And there is just something about seeing someone's dream (however small it is) come true that made me think, "Wow, we're adults."

The second thing that helped this sink in is that another friend (who also recently graduated from college) has moved across the country to Miami, Florida. She's lucky to have support while she's there, but she's really having to assess what she wants to be doing with her life, even more so than when she first graduated. She's in a new place in her life and has to calculate her next step. I'm really excited for her to have this opportunity, and I know she's going to do well at whatever she decides to do.

While I've lived in the UK before, it's just finally settled in that I will not just be staying there for a while--it will be my home for a whole year. Semi-permanent. Wow. I won't have as many people to rely on to do what needs to be done, like hall advisers, but I know I will still have Jonty and his family, as well as my parents back home, if I need anything.

And it's not just the college graduate, moving away part of growing up that I'm noticing. I'm also noticing more of a taste for the quiet, calm and simple. Not that I'll ever grow out of being childlike (not childish) in many respects, but I can tell I'm maturing. And not completely on purpose, which is the scary part. In fact, my taste in food in changing a lot too. There are several foods that I didn't care for before that I now can enjoy, which I find really weird.

I guess I just find it strange because I've thought myself to be an adult for a while, but now that I'm seeing these changes I realize how young I really was. But I'm liking the changes I'm witnessing. I feel more at peace with the world and with myself in a lot of ways.


My Wish List

An old fashioned suitcase may be a bit inconvenient but it looks so vintage and funky.

This Retro Blackboard from ModCloth has my name all over it. It's so me it's ridiculous. And it's only $8. If only I could fit it in my suitcase...

This I could fit in my suitcase. I love the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, and I just stumbled across this one. Sounds fantastic.

Because I'm moving to the land of rain, I've been obsessing over autumn dresses (aka with sleeves). This one from ModCloth wins by far. It is the most lovely dress I can think of. And sadly it's out of stock :.(

I had training in the textbook office today. It seems like my new job will be pretty sweet. I mean, I actually get to sit down while I work. Considering the last time I sat at work was almost two years ago, that's luxurious. In a cushioned chair on rollers at that. And I get a walkie talkie, which I think definitely makes me official. When things get busy, I know I will be busy. But it will be a good experience.

I feel like I could really finish my book (Brisingr by Christopher Paolin) tonight. Or perhaps tomorrow morning. It could happen.


13 August 2009

Free Museum Admission :.)

[Portland Art Museum]

I just found out that Bank of America provides free general admission to lots of museums across the country--just by showing your Bank of America debit card. Pretty cool, huh? If you use B of A, check out their Museums on Us website for more info :.)

I, for one, can't wait to take advantage of this!


Some Inspiration

This song by Zee Avi is lovely. It makes me think of an old-fashioned movie.

I love the Chateau Collections (bedroom furniture) by Newtons Furniture Company. Here are a couple of the pieces that I will someday own:
They may not necessarily be white, though. I like the white, black, and even the silver for accent pieces. Or I may paint them funkier colors. [This will of course be when I'm rich and have the money to buy expensive furniture and then paint it however I choose.]

And here are some nice, and very true-to-life, quotes that I recently found:

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."
--John Burroughs

"When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy."

"When you choose your friends, don't be short-changed by choosing personality over character."
--W. Somerset Maugham

Lastly, the 3/50 Project is a very cool group dedicated to promoting the support of local businesses. Check out their website and buy local!

Getting closer to finishing my book! The end is in sight!


12 August 2009

I love to organize

Like, way too much. It relaxes me to find a place for everything and to have everything in its place. I've even gotten to sleep late because of it. I'll be getting ready for bed, early because I have work/school early the next day, and I'll stop to check things out at my desk and BAM it's been an hour. And not only that, but I'm feeling energized. Isn't that strange? I realized that today while working at the bookstore because, silly enough, I enjoy walking around and fixing things that are messy and out of place.

Here is Exhibit A, my new letter organizer, which I think is lovely and which I am using as a general card/paper organizer on my desk.

However, sometimes I find myself living in a messy space. My room, my house, my car, or whatever will be (in my mind) a disaster. But here is where my perfectionism kicks in. If something isn't perfect, then in my eyes it is a perfect disaster. There is a certain line between clean and messy; I don't know where it is, but when my room gets to that point, there's no turning back. I was talking to Jonty recently about why I think perfectionism is a problem. I am slowly reading The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, M.D., and he writes that perfectionism is in fact a neurosis. While, as Jonty argued, this trait allows us (I include myself) to make the effort to do our best in everything, it has several negative effects as well. To keep it short and simple, it is a fear of imperfection. I will admit that there are many things that I have wanted to do, have planned to do, but in the end I have avoided them for fear of not doing them quite right. Or of just not having the time required to do the task as thoroughly as I feel it requires. This is yet another of the many things about myself that I've been thinking about lately. I've been trying this "Do it anyway" method, as a pilot project, of course. Because, funnily enough, I've always said that perfect is boring.

Today at work, I found out I'll be training to work in the textbook office, rather than out on the floor. I automatically assumed that this was because I was an all-star employee. In reality, I'm sure it's because of some pretty basic reasons, like that I have an easy schedule to work with or that I'm not completely retarded around other human beings (usually), or maybe it's because I'm a girl and can't wield heavy objects (i.e. books) as easily as some. But I have decided to maintain this idea that the managers sing my praises while I'm working away like a busy bee. Just for fun.

And I will end this post like I have ended many before it: I am heading off to finish my book. Someday this will not be a lie. Hopefully that day is today. It all depends on whether or not I can walk away from my messy desk.


11 August 2009

I think that the best love song ever is...

"Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service.

The wording is so perfect, and the imagery is fantastic. I would be surprised if anyone who is in love could read this without thinking, "Yes, that's how I feel." Isn't it nice to find words written by someone else that say what you want to say so well? Mmm...

I am thinking it's a sign
That the freckles in our eyes
Are mirror images and when we kiss
They're perfectly aligned
And I have to speculate
That God himself did make us
Into corresponding shapes
Like puzzle pieces from the clay
And true, it may seem like a stretch
But it's thoughts like this that catch
My troubled head when you're away
When I am missing you to death
When you are out there on the road
For several weeks of shows
And when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home

They will see us waving from such great heights
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
"Come down now," but we'll stay . . .

I tried my best to leave
This all on your machine
But the persistent beat
It sounded thin upon listening
And that frankly will not fly
You will hear the shrillest highs
And lowest lows with the windows down
When this is guiding you home

They will see us waving from such great heights
"Come down now," they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away
"Come down now," but we'll stay . . .


Real Life

I've been thinking lately about how much time we wish away. It is much too common for someone to think, "I can't wait until work is over so I can get on with my real life." But work is part of real life. And so is waiting in line at the post office. And cleaning. And changing the oil in the car. All of these things that we see as obstacles to our real life ARE our real life. We can't escape them. And why should we want to? Life would be pretty empty if all it consisted of was watching TV, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. In the book Summerland by Michael Chabon, there is a quote that I very much like: "Nothing is boring except to those who aren't really paying attention." If we pay attention, we can cherish our day at work, and be thankful for the opportunities that we have and the people that we interact with. We can even enjoy our time in line at the post office by enjoying the quiet of the shop and observing the other people around. We always hear from those older than us that life is too short, but very few of us take that to heart. We shouldn't wish away our precious moments because they aren't just obstacles in the way of our real life; they're part of it.

On a lighter note, I have decided that I really like Paulaner hefeweizen with a bit of lemon. It has such a light yet pleasant flavor. On my way home from the River Cats game tonight, I stopped and had one with some new friends. It was delish. Doesn't this just look refreshing?

[image from Brewtopia Events]

It's time to finish the never ending book. I'm determined. It's getting good too!


10 August 2009


New look: I changed my template/colors. Now [scattered thoughts by breenuh] has the vibe I want :.)

New blog: This evening, I started a new blog called [blist by breenuh], a blog of lists. It's my first attempt at a theme, and I plan to post lists of anything and everything. I'm very excited about it.

New music: Lady and the Lost Boys, a band from the UK that Jonty introduced me to. Listen to the song "AdVentura."

New week: This week will be quite full for me. Work at one or more jobs every day, drive-ins, Zumba (an amazing Latin-themed dance-aerobics class), river train with the fam, cleaning my car, and the final bit of cleaning left in my room (my desk & vacuuming/dusting). I hopefully will also find time to finish my book!

New fact: The difference between "every day" and "everyday" is that every day means each day while everyday is an adjective (for example, this is an everyday mistake). I always wondered if I was using the correct one, and now I know how to differentiate. Proper grammar makes me happy.

I played some music with my mom and her fiance Doug tonight. Doug played the guitar and sang, my mom played the pennywhistle, and I sang and attempted to play the guitar. I had a really nice time, and I definitely feel a confidence boost in my guitar-playing potential. Even with a few songs/lessons from Jonty and Doug, I feel much more comfortable in my attempts. (However, it may be a while before I can play an entire song on my own...)

I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow! Try not to catch that case of the Mondays that is sure to be going around.


09 August 2009

Top Five Things for Sundays

1. Reading.
2. Walking to the park/river.
3. Almond poppyseed muffins.
4. English breakfast tea.
5. Laying in bed watching several episodes of a good show.

I'm doing a few of these things and then dreaming about the rest of them while I scoop ice cream. Though hanging out at Whole Foods might be in the top ten... :.)


Misprint/Second Saturday

At work today (at Whole Foods in Roseville), I just couldn't let this misprint go. Baked Potato Chips, not Bakes' Potato Chips. How do you mess that up?

Just got back from my LAST Second Saturday, at least for a while. The outing was a good-bye for Denise, but I felt like it was my farewell to Sacramento culture as well. I had a great time, despite (and maybe because of) the very strange people who approached us this evening. I also learned that Long Beach Iced Teas from California Pizza Kitchen are the most delicious drink ever. Perhaps more updates are to come about the strange guy named Michael who wants to go to coffee if my boyfriend says it's okay... aka never.

Two o'clock in the morning. Bedtime. Stay classy, Sacramento.


07 August 2009

Hello, my name is Sabrina

...and I'm a blog-aholic. Seriously. My life has become a series of potential blog posts, and I'm up to my ears in blogs to follow. In fact, I should really whittle out some of the less interesting ones from my list.

Now that we're on the subject, I'd like to discuss technology. While it is amazing that we can be connected with a click of the mouse (and possibly a longish phone call with our beloved Comcast employees), technology is becoming scarily important to Western culture. My cousin recently posted a status that said, "You know you're addicted to Facebook when you check your newsfeed at commercials." Too true, Amber. That being said, I wouldn't even be in contact with this cousin unless Facebook existed, since I hadn't spoken to her in years (and hadn't even heard of her new baby) until she found me online. I definitely find myself being consumed by technology: Facebook, e-mail, Google, Skype, iTunes, iPod, cell phone, TV, Blogger. I can even check Facebook and e-mail on my cell, which I must admit I take advantage of much more often than is necessary. I'm thankful to be able to connect with people so easily, but it maybe has gone too far. Now I'm not saying we should all unplug our fuse boxes and read by candlelight (thought that might be fun!), but I think our society would be much happier if we took a step back and looked at our use of technology. It has become a knee-jerk reaction that is taking up way too much of our precious time to spend with loved ones, be creative, or get some exercise. There's no way I'm going to stop blogging, but I can at least wait until I get home to check my Facebook.

On another note, I'm considering this theme for my going away shindig: Red Lipstick & Mustaches. Here is an example, courtesy of Brad and Angelina (except imagine a whole group of people with this look!).

A scavenger hunt may be involved as well, but I'm still deliberating.

Today is day two of serious cleaning. We're having a yard sale tomorrow, so I want to be ready!


Thank you bookstore employee

I was working at the bookstore today, and I kept walking by these boxes with this note posted on it. Every time I saw it I giggled to myself, and I just had to share it! I'd like to say thanks to "Cal" for such a great choice of words.

I have some ideas I wanted to write about, but I'm just too exhausted at the moment. Hopefully I'll write them down soon before they're gone.

One quick suggestion: Buy a small container of lemon yogurt. Put a spoon in it and place it in the freezer for a few hours. (You may want to cover it with plastic wrap or cut a slit in the lid and slide it over the spoon.) Remove from container. (You may need to use a butter knife to help your popsicle out of the container.) Eat and enjoy! I'm doing so right now, and it is lovely. I'm also going to sit down and hopefully finish my book.


05 August 2009

I just love this music video!

It is for the song Saturday Waits by Lonely, Dear.

I just got back from having coffee at Naked Lounge downtown with a guy who went to University of Bristol in the UK, where I will be starting a Masters program this fall. It was nice to get some questions answered. I'm getting nervous though! I'm not sure what to do my essay units on. I plan to go back through some old notes/books/papers in the next month so I can hopefully narrow it down.

But before I can do that I MUST organize my life! My bedroom/purse/car/desk have become really disheveled and I need to find a place for everything and put everything in its place before my brain can function properly again. Time to crank up some Nickelback and get some cleaning in before I work at the River Cats game tonight!



"I write to find out what I'm thinking. I write to find out who I am. I write to understand things." -Julia Alvarez

This is right on.


After a Night at the Drive-in Movies

I just got back from seeing "Funny People" at the drive-in theater. First and foremost, I have to just say that I love the drive-ins! I wish more of them were still around. We sat in the back of my sister's friend's van (which was maybe a bit cramped...) and ate pizza and root beer floats while enjoying a film for under $5 (Tuesday night special). We could have stayed for a second movie for no extra cost, but we opted out. But I had such a nice time, and I'm definitely going to miss nights at the drive-ins once I leave.

Now, I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone (so if you haven't seen it and are concerned about spoilers maybe you should stop reading here?), but basically the moral was that events and people don't change your life; you do. The main character realized that having a life-threatening disorder wouldn't make him a better person by default. He had to make the choice to change. My good friend Rachel and I have actually been talking about this a lot. Our feelings and actions are determined only by ourselves. We say that our boss made us angry, but the truth is that we chose to be angry about something our boss said/did. I've been working to take control over myself and my life. So far, it's working out pretty well. When I meet a frustrating situation, I try to take stock of the stress I'm feeling, think about why I feel that way and if it's worth it, and change my thoughts and actions accordingly. Of course, I can't change how I feel or act every time, but I'm making progress and, most importantly, I feel more aware of myself. I think it's a good thing to work on.

I've also been trying to make a huge effort to be early/on time, as I had gotten into the habit of being late.


04 August 2009

Scattered Thoughts from/about Today

My mom and sissa bought me these really cute silver sandals yesterday! Mom got them in bronze and Sissa in white.

I also got a letter in the mail from an old job, saying that there was a check issued to me that was never cashed for $264 (I'm guessing for unused vacation/sick leave), along with a reissued check! Yay surprise money!

My left knee really hurts for some reason. It only started in the last couple minutes, but I can't really even walk. Wah. Hopefully it sorts itself out.

I rode my bike to work today! I can't believe I hadn't done it before! It felt really nice, and it's much easier than driving or walking, faster than walking, and cheaper than driving. Yay! I plan to get up and ride there in the morning. We'll see how this goes, since today I went in at noon and tomorrow I start at 8am. Before work today, I also rode my bike to Tupelo (an amazing local coffee shop) with my sissa. I had a great time, and next time we're bringing our knitting because we saw people knitting there and it looked like fun! I also found out Tupelo is opening a breakfast restaurant downtown, which I can't wait to ride my bike to :.)

Why do I get headaches when I use my shoulder muscles (e.g. carrying heavy bags on my shoulders)? I realize it's a tension headache, but why is it that I get them and most other people don't?

Same question, different problem: gray hairs at my age. Not that I mind much but still... why?

Can't wait to dye my hair darker and trim in it a few weeks, right before Val & Zach's wedding and leaving for the UK!

I'm reading a book called Brisingr--the third book in the Eragon series by Christopher Paolin. I'm enjoying it, but I want to finish it already!!! This is because (a) it is my sissa's and I want to get it back to her so she can read it before she goes back to school in a few weeks, (b) I've been reading it for forever and a day and am ready for something new, and (c) it's really big and heavy and I want to read a book that doesn't weigh my purse down (since I usually take the book I'm reading everywhere with me, just in case).

Time for sleep. I have work early! My plan for tomorrow:
(1) Bike to the bookstore.
(2) Work.
(3) ATM.
(4) Bike home.
(5) Make a dent in cleaning my room.
(6) Wash my car, or at least the windshield.
(7) Zumba with Rachel at 6:30pm.
(8) Drive-in movie.