31 July 2009

Flowers from Jonty!

Jonty sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday! White roses, lilies, and babies breath. The flowers are so pretty, and they're very in tune with my style, which I think is very impressive for a boy to know. He's over 5,000 miles away, but he was still thoughtful enough to order these, along with a very nice card. Pretty amazing. I miss him so so so so so much! These flowers can't give me hugs and kisses, but they I guess they do make the distance between us a little easier to bear :.)

It's becoming a looooong week. My third job, as a Sac State Bookstore textbook temp, started up again. It's good to be making more money, but I'm definitely going going going. I worked two jobs today and applied for a loan for tuition. I am exhausted! I just made my breakfast/lunch/snacks for tomorrow, which will be delicious! It has a pizza bagel, blueberries, cherries, a salad, leftover angel hair pasta with marina and spicy Italian sausages, and a Crystal Geyser sparking juice. Yum yum yum yum yum! I'm actually really hungry, but since I'm going to sleep soon I opted out of eating when I got home from work. I should definitely already be asleep, actually, as I have to be at work in eight hours. I'm working lots, but I'm trying hard to enjoy it. People do too many things with a mindset of just trying to get through it to get to something better. Hopefully I get a chance to rest before going out to Social with the girls tomorrow night!

Also, this evening I am addicted to mozzerella cheese and can't stop eating it! Help!

Good night world!


29 July 2009


[Image by Tom Spaulding]

Tonight, I worked as an In-Seat Server at the Rivercats game. Even though it was really hot today (around 95 degrees), we got a nice breeze from the delta this evening and the ballpark was nice and cool. As I watched the sun setting behind the scoreboard, shining pinks and purples across the faraway clouds, I realized how lucky I am.

I have three jobs (which is a blessing in itself since a lot of people are unemployed right now), which I absolutely adore. At Rivercats games, I get to watch the sun set on the river delta and on the city of Sacramento, as well as work with a unique and fun group of co-workers, amidst a sea of cheering baseball fans. Could it get any better? On the weekends I get to promote delicious ice cream for a great company (full of great people) in the coolest store ever, Whole Foods, around Whole Foods employees, who are pretty much amazing. Then my Hornet Bookstore job allows me to chill out and do some organizing on my own, which I always enjoy.

My family is the absolute coolest. Each and every one of them is continually caring for me, even when I don't want them too, haha. We have so many stories and inside jokes, and I'm sure compared to most people we're really weird but that's why I love my family so much.

The friends I have made throughout the years continue to awe me. The people I have in my life are so unique and wonderful, and I love spending time with them. They probably don't know this, but I look up to my friends, all in different ways. Each person has a different attribute that I try to emulate, whether it be humor or originality or passion or what-have-you. Sometimes when I have plans, I really just feel like staying at home and doing my own thing, but when I go anyway I realize I can do my thing with my ladies, and I love being around them.

Last, and of course not least, I'm very lucky to be in a relationship with Jonty. He has all the qualities I wrote about my friends above, and he also has my heart. Just knowing that I have him makes me a happier person in everyday life. It's hard being away from him this summer, but I'm lucky that we're able to talk to each other so much, even face-to-face on Skype.

I can't believe I'm leaving for the UK in a little over five weeks to start a Masters program. Not many people have opportunities like that, and I am incredibly lucky to be one of the few who do.
I'm lucky to be healthy, to have a home and food, to have people to love and people who love me, and to have huge opportunities. I'm lucky to be me, too. I have enough confidence to know that I am intelligent, strong, and positive, and I'm happy to be who I am and where I am.

My life is beautiful. And I'm very thankful.


25 July 2009

Ice Cream Social Today!

Benefits go to the League to Save Lake Tahoe!!!

We will have Blueberry, Vanilla Bean, and Coffee Toffee ice cream, plus lots of toppings!

It will be held at Whole Foods in Roseville, CA from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

It's going to be loads of fun, and I hope to see you there! :.)


To the fly in my room (or whoever put him here):

How do you do it? Every night, I notice a single fly in my room. By the next day, the fly is no longer around. I assume it got out or died somewhere for me to find and clean up after I've had a long day. However, the fly is back that night. That fly is you. Are you some kind of super fly that hibernates or reincarnates? What do you eat while you live in my room? Well, here's the scoop. When you buzz around at night while the lights are off, I'm trying to sleep and you're ANNOYING ME. I think you know this because you specifically fly in circles above my head. Please stop. I seriously think you're driving me mad, and I don't have the money to spend on a therapist. Really, get out.



What I'm Thankful for Today

Today I drove to South Lake Tahoe and Minden, Nevada to pick up ice cream for the ice cream social at Whole Foods in Roseville tomorrow! It was really cool to finally see where the ice cream is made. I couldn't believe how small the plant is! There are only two ice cream machines and one machine to fill the pint cartons. I'm very impressed that these guys can keep up with the orders! I got lost between Minden and Tahoe, which was frustrating but I made it back okay. And I'm excited to have looked at the beautiful Lake Tahoe the day before doing an ice cream social with donations going to the League to Save Lake Tahoe. It's such a magnificent sight. When I got home, I got to eat a yummy dinner and watch an episode of the newly released season of Psych, and then I read and responded to a lovely e-mail from a couple of girls I lived with while studying abroad in Oxford.

Now it's time to curl up in bed with Christopher the teddy bear and read the book my sister lent me so I can finish it before she finishes her book. (She wants to read it next.) But first, here is a list of eleven things I am thankful for today:
1. The chicken & rice my mom put in the crockpot before leaving this afternoon. It was so nice to come home from driving all day and have dinner ready for me.
2. The man at the gas station that gave me very detailed directions when I was lost.
3. Psych Season Three.
4. Water.
5. Small businesses.
6. Lady Jade, my trusty steed (aka my car).
7. My sister and her friend Kai, who helped me out on our little adventure.
8. Voipstunt, which allow me to talk to my boyfriend (who is in the UK) even when I'm not home to Skype him.
9. My new "Go Green" socks from The Dollar Store.
10. E-mails for no purpose other than a friendly hello.
11. A new batch of Tahoe Flight Blueberry Delight ice cream.

Good night!


24 July 2009

It's About Time

Smart is the new sexy.
Awkward is the new cool.
Flawed is the new beautiful.

This is the motto (if you will) of the blog "So about what I said...", one of Blogger's currently featured blogs. Here's what I think about that: It's about time! I've been saying that since... well, since I came to my senses and realized that it's more charming, and more fun, to be myself than to be perfect. I'm glad the rest of the world is catching on. Even in Ancient Greece people suggested that there is some perfect way to look, or perfect way to think and act, and that way of thinking has persisted throughout the centuries. I disagree with this. There are millions of perfectly good ways to look/think/act, all unique. Now, don't get me wrong--I'm not saying everyone has a perfect attitude or all actions are perfect or anything of the sort. There are definitely wrong ways to do things, but for something to be right it doesn't have to follow narrow guidelines.

Be unique. It's the only way to be truly beautiful.


23 July 2009


I've been trying for like a million hours to upload a photo with my previous post. However, I'm unable to fully navigate my new Mac, and I can't resize the photo I want to use! It's very frustrating. Macs are supposed to be more user-friendly, but it's the very easiest of things that I'm having trouble figuring out. They dumbed down the hard stuff but forgot to keep the easy stuff simple. Grrr! Well, I'm sure I'll ask someone soon and it will turn out that I'm just silly and didn't notice something easy peasy.


First Post

I've been meaning to start this blog for months, yet here it sits, empty and sad. So I thought maybe beginning it with no frills will mean no pressure to write something fabulous each time. I'm horrible at keeping up journals as well, but at least I get them started...

I just got home from picturesque Montana. I visited my dad and his wife with my sister (aka Sissa). The trip was really very nice. We went on a hike, ate some of my dad's famous lasagne, played lots of cards, read on the porch, hung out by the river, did some thrift store and bookstore shopping, and enjoyed lots of nice conversation.

The interactions with my stepmom made me realize that you don't necessarily need to rip something apart at the seams in order to mend it. Sissa and I have had a rocky relationship with her; we've definitely had our differences. Wanting to end the eternal uneasiness of dealing with her, I thought I would have to confront her or write a letter about our issues. However, after a so-so beginning, we actually got along quite well, and I will actually venture to say that I enjoyed my time in Montana, including that spent with her. While I'm sure things are far from perfect, things are getting much more comfortable. Maybe confrontation wasn't the best way--which makes me happy, since I had been seeking to put it off even though I thought it was inevitable.

I'm trying this new growing up thing where I do what I set out to do, since adults are supposed to take responsibility for their lives. So hopefully this won't be my last post, but I can hardly say I'm a grown-up yet ;.)