12 October 2009

Life To Do List

I'm very much a list-maker. Lists make me feel organized, like life is going is some kind of forward-moving direction. And checking things off my lists make me happy. I even add things to my lists just so I can check them off (or 'tick them off,' as they say here in the UK)! I have decided to create a sort of Life To Do List--which will include overall ways to better my life, as well as just some things I want to do soon. Here are some items I've decided to include:

1) Learn to cook more meals/items from scratch.

2) On that note, be more inventive in the kitchen (and at the supermarket).

3) Sing in the shower, without fear of who's listening.

4) Get up before 9:00 on weekdays, even if I don't have any meetings/appointments/lectures.

5) Take my vitamins everyday! (And get a flu shot...)

6) Buy a rain-proof jacket. (It rains a lot in Bristol--usually lightly. They call it the Bristol drizzle.)

7) Plan a housewarming party in our new flat, and invite all of the tenants in our building. Perhaps it will be Gatsby themed, but more than likely it will simply be a classy affair. Planning ideas to come soon :.)


05 October 2009

Great New Bag for the Start of Term

I bought this bag on Friday at House of Fraser. Isn't it absolutely perfect?

Today begins my first official week as a postgraduate student. I'm currently in the Postgraduate Study Room in The University of Bristol's new Graduate School of Arts and Humanities. I'm using the 'net here because my flat isn't connected to the world yet (which explains my lack of posts lately). So far, my living situation is great. My housemates are nice, fun, and considerate. We've had a few communal dinners, which has helped us settle in quite nicely.

I finally organized my room (for the most part) last night, so I finally feel ready for this week. Well, ready-er. I'm still quite nervous about this semester. I know it's silly to be nervous, but it can't be helped. I really just have to be confident because I have the ability to do well in a grad school environment. I love school, so if I can't do this then what can I do? I have a meeting with my adviser in two hours, and I have to tell him what essay topics I want to write on. I'm not sure if I need to decide about next semester, but this semester I want to write about the Philosophy of Education. The problem is... that's about as far as I know. I haven't really studied the topic much, so I don't have it narrowed down. I know Plato and John Dewey are two of the biggest influences in the field, and I'd like to discuss something about the purpose of education. And I don't really know if that's enough. I suppose I'll find out soon. The thing is, I chose the program here because in my undergraduate career I didn't get to study much of what I'm really interested in. (It's not that my classes weren't interesting; they just weren't in my particular areas of interest.) So I was hoping to use the opportunity to explore new areas. Therefore, I don't have a lot of past knowledge in the areas I want to write about (and, key word: research). Bleh, I'm blabbing on and on... That's exactly what I do when I'm nervous.

Anyway, there are a lot of really cool people in the Philosophy Department. I met quite a few people at the postgrad/faculty party last Thursday. [Wine + Philosophers = Entertainment] Despite the butterflies in my tummy, I'm really excited to begin.

On another note, I plan to set up an Etsy account soon to sell some of my handmade cards, which should be a lot of fun. Does anyone know what the copyright rules are? I'm wondering if it's okay to cut pictures/letters off flyers/bags/whatever to place on my cards (as I sometimes do when I make them for friends/family), or if that will somehow be claiming their images as my own? It would be good to know just in case... Also, what I really want to do is make invitations, announcements, etc by order. So if you know someone who is getting married, having a baby, throwing a halloween party, or who just wants some handcrafted Christmas cards to send out, please refer them to me! :.)

Off to decide what to say in my meeting! Once our flat gets the Internet I'll give a virtual tour.


01 October 2009

Moving Day

Today I finally move into my new place in Bristol! It will be nice to stop living out of suitcases and get my stuff organized. Also, I get to start decorating my room (and bits of the shared living room).

So excited! But it will be a long day...

And I won't have internet for a while :.(

But I'm sure I'll find a way to connect with the world. Whiteladies Road (near my flat) has lots of coffee shops, and some are sure to have WiFi.

Photos coming soon!