12 October 2009

Life To Do List

I'm very much a list-maker. Lists make me feel organized, like life is going is some kind of forward-moving direction. And checking things off my lists make me happy. I even add things to my lists just so I can check them off (or 'tick them off,' as they say here in the UK)! I have decided to create a sort of Life To Do List--which will include overall ways to better my life, as well as just some things I want to do soon. Here are some items I've decided to include:

1) Learn to cook more meals/items from scratch.

2) On that note, be more inventive in the kitchen (and at the supermarket).

3) Sing in the shower, without fear of who's listening.

4) Get up before 9:00 on weekdays, even if I don't have any meetings/appointments/lectures.

5) Take my vitamins everyday! (And get a flu shot...)

6) Buy a rain-proof jacket. (It rains a lot in Bristol--usually lightly. They call it the Bristol drizzle.)

7) Plan a housewarming party in our new flat, and invite all of the tenants in our building. Perhaps it will be Gatsby themed, but more than likely it will simply be a classy affair. Planning ideas to come soon :.)



  1. ugh... i agree with #4. and 1 and 2 :)

  2. I always wish I went to sleep earlier and got up earlier too! Hope you are having a fantastic time and find a cute rain coat :)


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