06 March 2011

Remix Days 21-30: Graduation etc

Hello, my peeps! Did you miss me?

Oh my. Okay, it has been a while, & quite a few outfits, since my last post.

Here is a short(ish) update:

As of February 22, I officially have a Masters of Arts with Distinction in Philosophy from the University of Bristol! It was a great day. The ceremony was very formal & cool, with organ music & lots of ritual. Apparently, my degree wasn't officially conferred until I went on stage with my hands in a prayer position (essentially begging for my degree, haha) & the Vice-Chancellor cupped his hands around mine. Awesome, right??

My mom teared up when I came out of the robing room; it was so sweet. It was also really awesome to see all of my course mates from last year.

Speaking of graduation, my outfit isn't really on par with the remix, but I was given requirements (that, really, I didn't have to follow) to wear a light top & dark skirt/pants. But I did only choose 29 clothing items, so I think I can get away with skipping a day. [Grad photo to come shortly. That's why Day 20 was skipped!]

After graduation, I headed to Berlin, Germany with Jonty & my housemates from last year. It was an amazing trip - I learned so much & had a lot of fun. I will definitely be writing a few different posts about the city & my time there. Travel Thursday reincarnated, yesss!

Then were a couple of days spent at Jonty's house, watching How I Met Your Mother, making Rice Krispie treats, & just generally spending quality time with my love before leaving for California again.

Aaand now I am back in the US. Just finished my second day back at work, which was also my second day closing. I was supposed to be trained on closing the first three times, but lots of craziness is happening in my department, & so today, my second day closing, I did it on my own. It was crazy, but I had lots of help throughout the evening, so I think it went okay. I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

As for the 30 for 30 Remix, I did continue it through the end, which was yesterday. So, without further ado, here are my final ten outfits...

Notice anything off-kilter? Okay, so I repeated an outfit (teal sweater, black long-sleeved tee, jeans). I completely forgot that I had worn it, & put the same items together two days later! How awkward, right?? I actually had a little mini clothing challenge while in Germany, since I just brought a backpack, so I think I did pretty well, considering.

My favorite 'fit was the bottom one, where I wore my green lace skirt as a tube top! It actually worked out to be super cute.

Well, I am exhausted from working an eight-hour shift & getting off work at 11:00... so I am going to peel myself off this chair & get into my lovely, warm bed. I predict that tonight's sleep will be dreamless & uninterrupted. Ahhh. Good night!



  1. Yes yes, we missed you!

    Hope your transition back to normality is okay. I always live in a bit of a post-travel bubble after I get back from a trip, denying reality. Sigh.

    Congratulations, graduate!

    Very much looking forward to meeting you next month and seeing your beautiful state.

  2. Actually, I'm all-too-present in reality at the moment. Starting the day after I got back, I have worked/will be working 13 out of 14 days, including late nights and early mornings and trainings, plus catching up on schoolwork, including doing a case study due on Day 11... So I barely have time to think about the fact that I'm not in the UK, haha.

    Thanks for the congratulations. I'm looking forward to celebrating with you.

  3. COngrats to your graduation! So you were in Germany? Curious about your Berlin´s pictures!!!kisses

  4. Thanks, Colores! I've been kind of MIA lately, but I'll post some photos of my Berlin trip soon!!


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