06 December 2009

The Short of It

...is that I can't slim down a story.

When I'm chatting with friends and I try to tell a story, whether it be funny, anecdotal, or relatively important, I end up saying much more than necessary. The funny story is ruined, the anecdote is lost, and the important seems trivial, unless I have access to a delete key.

And it's not just me. My little sister is the same way. We always joke about it, but it's only funny because it's true. Sometimes our friends try to convince us otherwise. "No, no. You're a good storyteller." But the reality is that we just plain suck.

I'm finding this becoming even more of a problem lately. My MA program involves a lot of presenting papers in a short amount of time. I can explain pretty thoroughly the intricacies of the papers I'm presenting, but I just can't seem to give a short, general account of the argument.

But this makes me wonder why my mind works this way! Is it genetic? Is it the way I was brought up? Is it the influence of the computer generation? Is it because I'm right-handed? I find it all very interesting...


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  1. Lol I too have a severe inability to tell a good story! I can make the most interesting, funny thing sound reeaally boring and not worth saying :( sad times lol.


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