01 December 2009

What I've Been Doing, Part II (Grad School)

Today on What I've Been Doing I have a few photos of the Graduate School building. I spend quite a lot of time here, as it has a common room, complete with kitchen and coffee maker, as well as study rooms and a computer room with a printer (and I don't have a printer at home).

This is the building itself. The houses on this street used to be private residences but have since been renovated and connected to become the home to the Faculty of the Arts & Humanities departments.

The Grad School Common Room. I meet friends in here for breakfast some days (to get us out of the house at a decent time), and it's also good for socializing and for taking study breaks. See the television in there? I'm convinced that one night we'll take it over (since we have 24 hour access) and watch movies in here.

The kitchen. Thank goodness for this, since it's the only way I can eat proper food during the day (along with the microwave in the kitchen downstairs). It's pretty cozy.

When the sun is shining (a treat in Bristol), we get natural light through these windows.

I've been working really hard on academic matter lately. I've just submitted a rough draft of my essay on the philosophy of education to my supervisor, and I'll soon be starting my paper on naturalism. While I am hard at it, I am really enjoying it. Philosophy can be so exhilarating. It can also be extremely frustrating, I might add. But it will be weird to step away from this building and the comrades I've gotten to know when I leave for home in less than two weeks for a month-long break.


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