15 September 2009

I've Got Decorating on the Brain

Since I'll be moving into a new place soon, with very few items from home, I've had my mind on decorating lately. I know my walls will be a light shade of yellow/gold, I believe the trim will be white, and I'm not sure about the color of the blinds.

Jonty's family and I made a trip to IKEA on Sunday, where I got my bedlinens (a gift from his parents, actually, which was very thoughtful).

My sheets are about this shade of teal.

Since my place will be brand new when I move in, I'm concerned that it will have a really sterile feeling. So I hope to find some thrift shop treasures to make it look a bit more homey. My main focus right now is finding a great mirror with lots of character. Here are some thrifted mirror muses of mine:

I hope to make some older, funky finds and revamp them myself. Centsational Girl and Dollar Store Crafts will hopefully give me some fun (& cheap) ideas. I'll also be using The Big Ass Book of Crafts that Sissa gave me for my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday, it's one week from today! I'll be 22. Pretty exciting...

Off to the Witney market and charity shops!


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  1. When I first moved into my duplex I was obsessed with finding the perfect duvet cover -- it's been over a year now and I still haven't even gotten a bed frame! I hope your new places comes along nicely -- from the look of things, you are going to do a great job of decorating!


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