10 August 2010

Random Tuesday: Garlic-icious


* I love getting postal surprises, but how ridiculous is my mom's most recent package?? (See below.) I kind of understand her reasoning behind it (I won't go into it now), but that doesn't take much away from how silly it is that she spent so much on shipping to send me a giant jar of garlic when I move in three weeks. So every meal between now and then will be... garlic-icious.

* Isn't Christoph Niemann's NY Times blog Article City great? My favorite is The Haunted Household.

* I desperately want to make lemon-poppy seed cookies. Speaking of cookies, did you know that Martha Stewart puts out a Cookie of the Day?

This comic strip illustrates my life well.

* My first chapter needs to be done by Thursday night!!! Freaking out, ahhhh!

* That's all for now! Happy Random Tuesday!



  1. I was once (actually twice) a grad student. So I feel your pain. And I love getting stuff in the mail too. Good luck with the thesis!

  2. Its so cute that you label your days of the week with different categories...travel thursdays, random tuesdays.
    Love it!
    Good luck with the big push! It'll soon be over and you'll be back in Cali! (but then again...like you said, don't wish the time away :))
    Oh,and I love that airplane comic strip thingy so much! I saw you post it on facebook and I laughed my head off...I'm gearing up for a 12 hr flight in 2 weeks time!

  3. P.S. I hope you had a great trip to brighton!

  4. i think random packages are so fun...and i always wonder what someone else would think if they opened the package by mistake! enjoy your garlic!

  5. Just checked out Christoph Niemann's blog -- it is so awesome! Thanks for sharing :)


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