05 August 2010

Scattered {blog, dissertation, Brighton} Thoughts

* I'm sure I'm not the first to say this but how exciting is the CA Prop 8 overturn?!?! Woop woop for California, my home!

* How cool is it that you can get your blog turned into a book? I'm a bit tempted to get a physical copy of all of my ramblings from the past year or so. It's pretty fun just to see a free preview!

* Oh my! My first post was on July 23, 2009. So I've been on this here site for over a year. Crazy.

* I'm a bit of a blogger failure at the moment: not much posting lately, the past few Thursdays have gone by without Travel writings, my camera has been tucked away in my desk drawer. I'm going to try to be more vigilant, but I can't make any promises with my dissertation deadline in only six weeks! Ahhhh!!!

* Speaking of the big project, it's actually kind of coming along. I have 1,500 words, which is only a tenth of the target (15,000), but it's a start. I also found this awesome program called Scrivener (Macs only - sorry PC users!) that helps organize large pieces of writing. {image above via the Scrivener site}

* New goal dissertation word count goal: 3,000 words per week!

* Jonty & I are heading down to Brighton tomorrow!!!!! I'm too excited for words. It is one of the places in the UK that I've always known I'll like, always wanted to visit, but have never been to. AND it's Gay Pride Weekend!!! I couldn't be more stoked. I can't wait to celebrate the Prop 8 overturn & read & picnic by the sea with my boy! It's definitely a necessary break from dissertation brain-frying.

What are you guys doing this weekend? Let's all post lovely photos at the start of next week! :.)



  1. Have fun in Brighton and good luck with the 3,000 word a week goal! :)

  2. I was in Brighton about 3 weeks ago visiting Alice Medland. Its lovely! Lots of funky vintage shops. The only let down was the beach itself...nice view, but hard to walk on barefoot. The pebbles are really quite sharp in spots :(

    But have a fantastic time! Take pictures! I have to work all weekend, boo!

  3. P.S.
    The prop8 overturn is badass dude! Well done california :)
    you're catching up with Canada! Now all you need to do is get public healthcare and I am moving south of the border :)

  4. That book thing...I want to do it! Is that sad? You know, not having written a real book, but using the internet to do it?


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