01 June 2010

Random Tuesday: chainsaws, blog excitement, & garbage disposals


Random Tuesday it is!

First a letter:
Dear Chainsaw Man,
What reason could you possibly have had to start up your chainsaw before 8:00 this morning? It was chilly and rainy today, so there's no "gotta get to it before it gets hot" excuse. Actually, considering your job only took you about half an hour, it's not like you can claim that you wanted to get the job started early 'cause it would take you a while. Okay, it's fine if you think the hedges in that corner of the parking lot that nobody cares about could use a trim. Maybe it's even okay at the buttcrack of dawn. But you do realize that there are apartment buildings in the area as well as an office building? Maybe next time you could alert us to your work plan so we don't LEAVE OUR WINDOWS OPEN to be awoken by the grating sound of a motor and metal on metal?
Thanks, Breenuh

Stressful day today. I was trying to finish my final essay by 5:00, but it didn't happen. It's ready to hand in first thing in the morning, though. Finally!

There's so much blog excitement coming up! I can't wait! June is going to be a month of change on my blog. We've got Travel Thursdays starting this week (yes, Kenya photos finally!), and I'll be doing some blogger interviews soon, too. There may be some other changes, but I think I'll keep you guys guessing!

Jonty and I started The Wire last night. I think we'll give it a few more episodes before we decide how we feel.

Garbage disposals are like water: You don't miss it till it's gone. Cleaning out our drain is so freaking gross. Ick! If only everyone would just clean it out every time they wash up... but I guess I have very little to complain about here in Flat 11, so I'll just suck it up and scoop out the mushy food particles.

Jonty calls garbage disposals "in-sink-erators" because that's the brand of the one my family has at home (one of the only ones he's ever seen... 'cause England is a weird place).

It's been a long day, so that's enough randomicity for now. Good night!


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