23 June 2010

World Cup & Other Excitement

Guys! I'm getting so into "the football" (as they say here in England). I've never really watched it before, and now that I am, the World Cup is really getting to me. Today's match had me stressing, & I was so excited when we SCOOOORED! In the 91st minute! Ahhh!

So excited for:
* Jonty's graduation tomorrow & our afternoon out with his parents
* Our trip down to Portsmouth
* Denise & James' wedding
* World Cup games this weekend
* Jack Johnson concert in Cardiff, Wales
* Cocktail party in my flat next Friday
* A visit from my Aussie friend Sarah next weekend

This evening, Jonty & I made rice krispie treats! Yum! It reminded me of summer camp when we used to eat rice krispie concoction warm out of the pan with spoons (or cleaned sticks) around the campfire. I haven't made them in a long time & couldn't believe how easy/fast they were to make! I'll have to keep the ingredients on hand in case I ever need a to make a quick dessert for something.

This evening, we'll be watching episode five of The Wire. We're really getting into it.



  1. Um the World Cup is like the most amazing thing ever. I can't imagine the atmosphere in England right now, although, if they want to make it through Germany they really need to step up their game.

    Thumbs up to all the other awesome stuff you have coming up!

  2. I've been getting into soccer (ahem. football.) way more lately, too. Previous World Cups have never really gotten to me like this...and rice krispie treats are my specialty, girl. Preaching to the CHOIR.

  3. I LOVE the Wire! Have you met Omar yet??

  4. World Cup Love Update: So excited for Germany v. Spain tonight!!!

    Sobrina: Yes, we have. He's an awesome character. I like Lester too! The last episode we watched ended particularly intensely (Greggs just got shot but we don't know how she is), so I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for our next viewing!


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