22 June 2010

The world is our oyster... but the f***er won't open!

This is our angry face. At the world.

Lately, I've been a bit distracted. I've started working on my dissertation, but not as much as I'd like to. I've had lots of fun time with friends, too. But really, I always come back to thinking about the near future. I try not to be a person that lives in the future, but I can't help but be dissolved in it at the moment. Jonty & I, being from different countries, are having quite a difficult time figuring out our next step. But, at least we know that whatever we decide to do, we're doing it together.

Here are the options & a very quick summary of the pros & cons of each:

* Stay in the UK. If I can get a job with a organization that is willing to sponsor a work permit, we can easily stay here. But finding a job like that is very difficult, unless you're very highly experienced. Otherwise, I can get a post-study work visa after my degree is conferred, but I would have to go home first, & in the end it would probably mean four or more months not working plus some time away from Jonty.

* Move to the US. We can only do this if Jonty finds a job there, which again is difficult at our age, especially when he's not in the country to interview. He might be able to work as my mom's boyfriend's marketer for his new CD, which he is very qualified for, but we're not sure if the government will approve. {He has a BA in Business Marketing & Communications with First Honours & several years' experience in the music industry (producing, recording, etc). And he has great customer service skills (of course, my guy is charming!). If any of you have suggestions, please tell me!}

* Live in New Zealand for a year. They practically give away visas in Kiwi Land. But we're a bit worried that we won't be able to get a proper job, & my dad probably wouldn't be too happy if I called him up & told him I'll be living far away for another year so I can be a barista... Plus, if we did that, I may not be able to go to my graduation in February.

* Teach English somewhere in Europe (or maybe even Asia). This is slightly back burner because Jonty isn't too keen on teaching English. And TEFL courses are expensive. But it would be a good option.

So, yeah, it has taken us months to get this far. And I'm finding it very disconcerting that we're still only at the point we're at. A standstill. Limbo. We're applying/e-mailing/looking into things, but we're not getting much closer to having an answer.

I'm a planner. I like to have things organized. It's cool to fly by the seat of your pants for a while, but I think we're further in down the rabbit hole than that. If we had some extra cash & a CONTINENT picked, I'd be happy to be a little unsure. But this is not the sitch. And it's frustrating me.

It really shouldn't bother me as much as it does. Something will work out. It may not be our number one plan, but we've got options, which is more than a lot of people. In the meantime, though, it's consuming a lot of my thoughts & energy, & I'm finding it hard to roll with the punches.

Jonty has so much faith that we'll be together, that we'll find a way. I really admire that, & I'm trying to let his attitude rub off a bit!

If you're still reading, you must be (a) a lovely, diligent reader, & I thank you!; (b) realllly bored, in which case I apologize for this long, unexciting, negative post; and/or (c) full of ideas, which I'm so very willing to hear! I am sorry for this obnoxious post, but I really needed to get it out. And it helps so much to put what Jonty & I have been researching & discussing in writing. (This is, believe it or not, actually very condensed.)

Anyway, other than visa/job/moving troubles, life is busy & good. This next couple of weeks are going to be so much fun! Jonty's graduation, a trip to Portsmouth for Denise & James' wedding, a trip to Cardiff to see Jack Johnson, a cocktail party at our flat, & my Australian mate Sarah (who I lived with in Oxford a couple of years ago) coming to visit me in Bristol! Very exciting!

What is the start of summer bringing you guys?



  1. Oh man I can't even tell you how much I sympathize with you! That is a TOUGH situation!
    What about coming to Canada? Its a commonwealth country, we love Americans and also we're pretty.
    Whatever you decide to do, you've got a not-so-easy road ahead of you. Hang in there. At least you know you will go through it together. Believe it or not that's huge.


  2. Oooooh Brina. I see your dilemma! It is so tough to not be inching towards anything, or to be moving sloooooow in the progress. Try to hold your breath a little longer. The idea that resonated best with me was staying in UK and hopefully getting sponsored for a work visa. I'm not sure why I like that idea, but it just *feels* right when I picture it for you.

  3. I agree with Bored@Work...holla back at Canada.

  4. come home come home come home come home home home home home.
    that's my only suggestion.
    and it's the only choice of yours that i will support. (i'm half kidding.)

  5. Solution: Live with your loverly sissa in Portland.Because Portland is perfect and it is near me and Jonty will like it and it is near ME.
    But even if you have to live in so remote part of the world, I really hope that you will at least come home for a bit. Even if it is just to go to WWOHP with me because I am seriously getting punched in the face with all of the ads.

    P.S. Jonty's angry face is just intense staring...

  6. Thanks everyone, so much, for your support. It really felt good to wake up to all of your comments :.)
    Bored@ Work/Aurora Megan: I've looked into it, and as far as I can tell I would still have to find a job first, so it doesn't really make it any easier...
    Rach: I will if I can, love!
    Sissa: OF COURSE I will at least come home for a bit! I still have a flight booked for the end of September. We would love to live in Portland, if we can make it happen. And yes someday we will make it to WWOHP, but probably not too soon as I don't have the cheddar. Also, Jonty's angry face is a bit lame, I know :.P


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