26 July 2010

If my 18-year-old self were here now...

If my 18-year-old self were here now, she would be disgusted at some of the things I eat!

I've never been a hugely picky eater, but there are a few staple foods I rejected my whole life: bell peppers, carrots, peas, melon, & mustard.

But for some reason, somehow, this has all changed. It all started with honey mustard in my senior year of high school. (Have you ever dipped pretzels in it?! Oh my goodness, it's heaven.) Slowly I realized that I could handle regular mustard as well, and even Dijon in the right situation. In fact, I looove mustard and slather it on my sandwiches, fries, etc!

Raw red peppers, especially with cream cheese, are a staple in my diet. And carrots go in most roast meals, stir fries, and salads. Peas go in everything above plus pastas.

And just this past week, my housemate Michael bought a canteloupe, which would previously not have been welcome in my tummy, and... guess what: I loved it! I bought two on Saturday and have already eaten one.

I find it so strange that all of the foods I used to despise, and some of which would actually make me gag if chewed, are now some of my favorite items. Isn't it bizarre how our tastes can change as we get older.

In fact, the only thing I would refuse to eat is rollmop:

I just can't wrap my mind around pickled fish...

I wonder if I can convince my sister that she can like mushrooms & onions?



  1. Isn't it so funny how tastes change? I remember what a picky eater I used to be and now all the things I love and can't stop munching on (turnip greens, parsnips, green olives).

  2. I totally am the same way -- I never liked avocados, bananas, yogurt or oatmeal when I was younger, but now I love them! That rollmop looks crazy! I like dried fish but have never tried pickled fish...

  3. I had never even heard of rollmops until a few weeks ago. The thought revolts me.

  4. i have totally been feeling the same way lately! there are so many things like....avocado for instance that i never would have touched....but now i can't get enough! so funny!


  5. i love dipping everything in mustard too! it's true your tastes change every couple of years...i never had a sweet tooth until now... but of late i seem to crave cakes and chocolates...let's hope this is a passing phase as well...haha...happy weekend dearie!

    xo, Persis.

  6. Hey!
    So you don't know me, but thats okay!
    I'm friends with Alice (Medland) & David Taylor.
    And my boyfriend Nick knows your bf jonty in some roundabout way as well.
    Which leads me to how I found your blog! I was lurking facebook, boringly, and one click led to another and then I was here.
    I'm also a blogger! It really is addicting. I'm also a (north) american on this side of the pond. I'm canadian. I also work at the perch! and I agree, its adorable. Best summer pub job ever!
    Anyways, odd as it is to connect to someone this way, I thought i'd say hello, since I'm now a reader anyway.
    Amanda (ask Jonty if he knows who Nick freeston is! thats my bf)

    oh! and my blog is:

  7. Hey again!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the sweet comments :)
    especialllly the advice for GBK...totally gonna use those coupons!
    Also, I really like your blog. You're so open and write whatever you feel like, however random, whilst I sometimes tend to hide behind my photography and refrain from writing everything I want to. I have vowed to myself to be more open on my own blog,because after all, its my own space.

    Glad we found each other! Who knows, maybe we might bump into each other in Oxford before the summer is out :)!

  8. What a sweet thing to say! I'm glad I can inspire you to be more open. That's what blogs are for!

    I'm in Oxford here and there. Let's do coffee sometime!

  9. I've never heard of rollmop. It looks disgusting. I don't think I'll ever like peas.


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