17 September 2009

Season of Love

With summer quickly coming to an end, it seems everyone is settling into all the good things that the change of seasons brings. Fall fashion has been a hit blog topic, especially with Fashion Week in full force last week. Thoughts of sweaters and scarves also hint toward cups of tea, pumpkin muffins, walks in the wind, and evenings inside with those you love.

And it seems that the blog topic du jour is Love. Something about autumn emphasizes the warm feeling that love brings. It reminds us to bring life down a notch and to enjoy what we have. I'm enjoying spending time with Jonty lately. And the coming of fall is reminding me to slow down. For a person so obsessed with planning and organizing, it's surprising that I'm so content with just going with the flow--watching a movie inside, having a nice meal, going to the fair, whatever--as long as I'm with him.

But autumn hasn't arrived quite yet, so I'm going to hold onto summer as much as I can these next few days.

Speaking of summer, if you haven't seen 500 Days of Summer yet, go right now! The colors, clothes, interior design, and cinematography are all worth noting, not to mention Zooey Dechanel's beauty and charm!

[photo from IMDb]



  1. i love you the love. i am feeling it all the way over here. you are so pres. i hope you and jonty are having a good time.
    and pumpkin muffins? no ok.

  2. Pumpkin muffins are amazing! You don't know what you're missing. And I hope you and Kai are enjoying the change of seasons in Portland! I bet it's gorgeous!

  3. I still holding onto summer for a little bit longer. I haven't seen 500 Days yet. Can you believe it! I think I've waited so long I'm just going to wait until it hits the dollar theatre.

  4. I'd definitely recommend it though. Even if it's at the dollar theatre, definitely see it on the big screen :.)


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