05 September 2009

My Crazy Life

I took a Tylenol PM two hours ago and am still awake. "Why?" you may ask. Because I leave for the United Kingdom tomorrow (well, today since it's after midnight), and a million things are running through my head.

The past week has been utter mayhem. Saying my goodbyes, finishing up work, packing, and cleaning, to say the least. But that is just a start. My flight was scheduled to leave on Thursday morning, and I realized Tuesday night that I wasn't going to receive my visa in time. And this is when the craziness began. I immediately get in contact with the British Consulate in LA (very difficult to get ahold of). Then I rebooked my flight for Saturday and flew down to LA with my mom on Thursday morning. I had an appointment, and the woman I spoke to informed me that I could pick up my visa the next day at 3pm or I could receive it by mail on Monday, maybe Tuesday. Since my flight leaves before Monday, I had to choose her first option, and the date/time of pickup was definitely not negotiable with this woman. And so we waited.

Thankfully, the British Consulate is in West Los Angeles, just down the street from Santa Monica. My mom and I ended up having a blast, [window] shopping on The Third Street Promenade, drinking cider and eating Irish nachos (nachos made with potato wedges), and laying around and swimming at the beach. We then got a great deal on a room at the Raddison ($79, believe it or not!) that had Sleep Number Beds and squishy pillows. It was really nice to have some extra quality time with my mom, and I ended up being kind of happy all of the delays happened.

That being said, I picked my visa up today, yay! After bus issues and missing one flight, I got home safely. I leave tomorrow for England, and I just cannot believe it! It really only started to sink in this evening, and even then it doesn't seem real. I'm going to miss Sacramento, my family, my friends, etc. so much! But I'm excited to finally be with Jonty again, and to begin my new adventure! My next post will be written over 5,000 miles away!

The Tylenol PM is calling me to bed... Time to get a decent-ish night's sleep before embarking on my journey.


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