23 September 2009

Golden Birthday

A few days ago was my Golden Birthday--I turned 22. I knew it would be a good day, but it turned out even lovelier than I expected.

The evening before, Jonty's family wished me a very purple happy birthday. They gave me a lovely, soft, warm robe, a coffee mug, hot cocoa mix, calming bath milk, & a nail file.

They also gave me gorgeous purple flowers, which I mixed in with the pretty white and pink ones Jonty gave me.

On my birthday, I woke up to breakfast in bed! The banana pancakes were so good that I couldn't wait to eat long enough to take a photo. We ate while watching Season One of LOST (our current series of choice) in bed.

Then he presented me with flowers (above) and a great mirror for my new room!

After breakfast/LOST/presents, I got ready and Jonty drove me to a small town nearby. We parked the car at a park and walked down the road.

He walked me to a restaurant next to a stream called The Trout. I immediately obsessed about the decor.

We sat outside and had a beautiful view. These chairs would be a great place to read in the summer.

There was a domesticated peacock that wanted to eat our food (which was amazing, by the way). Jonty had to stare him down.

We wandered in Oxford for a while, stopping in some cool vintage shops and a great bookstore. After everything shut, we read in Starbucks until our reservation at 7:00. Jonty wouldn't tell me where we were eating until we got there because he knows I love surprises. We had dinner at Brown's, a posh restaurant just outside of city centre.

The atmosphere and food were great, but the Pimm's & lemonade I ordered was the best!

And to top off a very sweet day with a very sweet boy, I saw a hedgehog for the first time in the backyard!

Isn't he the cutest???



  1. Yay I am glad that your birthday was great! So many things to comment on... hrmmm
    a) love the pink, white, and purple flower arrangement. classy.
    b) i can see your outfit in the picture of the mirror. i am a big fan of that outfit.
    c) jonty should have staring contests with peacocks on a regular basis.
    d) i am jealous that you saw a hedgehog.

    i love you and happy birthday..a few days ago!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Your dress in the mirror pic is adorable! Also adorable are you and Jonty -- what a good birthday surprise planner! Thanks for sharing all these pics of your adventures; I enjoy them!


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