21 September 2010

Just What I Need

As I write this, I am on a long-haul flight from London to San Francisco. But when you read it, I will be safely at home, where I haven't been for over eight months.

The past month or so has been pretty crazy: lots of stress, coffee, moments of inspiration, then surges of stress again - with a side of nostalgia. But my dissertation is completed, printed, bound, & handed to the proper authorities, my flat has new tenants, & I've said my good-byes to everyone in the UK. If you're reading this, I've also made it through an eleven-hour flight, thanks to free alcohol & coffee, my laptop, & my new read, Catch-22. Oh, & a lack of sleep last night, which I have made up while sitting upright, somehow.

Anyway, on to the the point of this post: Jonty. Through all of my stress breakouts, anxiety episodes, flashes of genius, & confidence waxes & wanes, Jonty has been such a trooper.

And I realized something about him, something very important. He is so good at knowing just what I need. Even when I don't. He knows when it's time for a break, & when I need a hug. He can tell when I need to go on a run or punch a pillow to get my tension out. Sometimes, I try to refuse his suggestions, but once I give in I know that he was right all along. He gives me pep talks when I'm down & space when I need time to chill out. He makes me breakfast in the morning (& gets upset when I even step foot into the kitchen). If I need to work hard without distraction to meet a deadline, he makes lunch or dinner (or both).

Even when he's not sure what will help me, the boy tries more than I've ever seen anyone try. He makes such a conscious effort to assess what will cheer me up, get me into a productive mindset, or whatever. And I have to say, What more could a girl ask for? He is such a blessing in my life.

But actually, as I write this, I'm thinking, "There is more a girl could ask for." Intelligence, passion for interests, a good family relationship, open-mindedness, comedy... Somehow, he's got these too.

Sorry for drawling on & on, but my guy deserves some acknowledgment.

Thank you Jonty, my love, for knowing just what I need. The truth is: All I need is you.



  1. Breenuh! That it such a sweet post! And congrats on your finished dissertation!!! You must be thrilled! Good luck adjusting to life at home!

  2. Congrats on finishing the thesis!
    And I completely understand ... I moved 13,000 miles for my "just what I needed" and haven't looked back! :)


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