16 November 2010

Babbling Baby & other news

How awesome is this baby, talking her little heart out?! I remembered it while reading this great article about baby babbling, via A CUP OF JO.

Hi guys! Sorry for being MIA for the past week. Guess why... I started my new job! I'm working at Whole Foods Market in the Specialty Department (cheese, chocolate, beer, wine, tea, coffee, housewares). My position is a new one, sort of created with me in mind. I will be the department's demo specialist, meaning I'm in charge of samples & talking to people about our featured items. At the moment, it's only a seasonal job, so I'm trying to be awesome so WFM will want to keep me! The past week has been crazy (8 hour workdays, on my feet the whole time, 5 days straight), but I think I've started to get the hang of it.

I have today & tomorrow off, & I don't think I've ever enjoyed a day off more than I enjoyed today. OH & it's a ridiculously beautiful week here in Sacramento. It was almost 80 degrees today! Jonty & I cycled downtown/midtown, went thrift shopping (Jonty bought me a super cute shirt at Freestyle Clothing Exchange, my new fave shop!), & drank iced coffee & read in the garden at Weatherstone. It was fantastic.

Then we hit the gym, where I ran 3 miles, yay! For dinner, we made swordfish tacos with homemade mango salsa (my new obsession!), cabbage, & avocado. Our dessert was roasted marshmallows on a fire in our chiminea out back :.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the sweet little babbling baby! I'll try to keep up with my blog more this week. Oh, is anyone else excited for the opening of...

I am. I've heard that critics aren't loving it, but it will still be fun to wait in line with friends & see it opening night.

Anyway, have a great night! It is suddenly much later than it should be, & I'm plumb tuckered!


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