01 December 2010

Ten Holiday Faves

In response to Arianna's post about things that make her happy during the holidays, I've put up some of mine!

1. The air: crisp, cool, fresh.
2. The smells: fires, evergreen, cinnamon.
3. Christmas lights: I love a tastefully done holiday decor, especially if it's simple white lights with a winter wonderland type theme.
4. Autumn seasonal produce: many varieties of squash, persimmons, tangerines, cranberries.
5. Layers: Style made easy (& cute).
6. Scarves: Fun to make, lovely to wear.
7. The attitude: Smiling strangers wishing a merry holiday season always brighten my day!
8. Comfort food: warm soups, homemade breads, hot apple cider.
9. Holiday gatherings: 'Nuff said!
10. Ugly Christmas sweaters: so out they're in.

What are some of yours? Head over to Arianna's blog & send her a link to your post!



  1. I love your list! LOL and I'm with you on the ugly Christmas sweaters! :-D

  2. 10 perfect reasons why I love the holidays! And I want to add holiday baking to the list. And bump it to number one.

  3. Arianna: Thanks, girl!
    Marisa: Ohhh good one! I agree! (I'm going to post a yummy recipe later, too!)


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