16 December 2010

Vhcle magazine

["Cinch Cioat" by Christopher St. Leger, pages 058 & 059]

The latest issue of Vhcle magazine came out today. I'm completely in love with Christopher St. Leger's paintings (see one above), & there are some interesting, intelligent articles about art, fashion, music, & life. "Object and Context" by Tim Sunderman (on pages 026 to 029) really caught my attention; I keep reading & rereading it. I highly recommend that you head on over there & have a gander! Oh, & if you haven't checked out this mag before, take a look at some of their previous issues.

[polaroid by Katja Sonnewend, page 086]


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  1. I checked out vhcle and the notes/blog as well! really cool stuff! well done to jonty and the gang!
    hope you have a wonderful christmas sabrina!


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