16 January 2011

Postal Delight: eReader Cover

From Monday until Thursday, my sister & I visited my dad & his wife in Montana. It was snowy & beautiful, but definitely quite cold! We had good food (Elk steak & a salad? Yes, please!), met some nice people, watched Dinner for Schmucks, did lots of reading, & went on a short cross-country skiing adventure (my first time - I'd do it again!).

When I got home on Thursday evening, I had a box waiting for me. I already knew what it was & couldn't wait to open it up!

It was the case for my eReader that I ordered on Etsy!

I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I ordered four of them (one for me, three for family members) from shellvollaro's shop, & she was amazing - so nice & speedy, & she even offered to embroider my name on the pocket for free. For only $30 + free shipping for two or more cases, it's a steal. The only other cases I found for my eReader (a Pandigital Novel) were either (a) the same price, without free shipping, & way less cute or (b) super expensive. I would absolutely recommend ordering one from her shop. She has other leathers as well as some lovely black & white printed fabric & has lots of custom options.

I can't wait to start reading & surfing the web on the move with the protection of my lovely new case!

On another note, I need to make a late New Years Resolution to start taking more attractive photos for my blog. I'm sorry you guys have to see these!



  1. That is super cute!! Personally, I have a weird philosophical aversion to eReaders based on my obsession with the smell of old, well-loved books and the feel of paper. BUT that is a really cute case.
    In other news, thank you for being so supportive of my blog. Your comments and stuff are always so sweet and I really do appreciate it, even if I rarely post :)

  2. Oh I definitely understand your aversion. I probably would never buy one myself, but since it was a gift I figured I'll appreciate its positive aspects & still read good ol' hardbacks & paperbacks, too. I could go on forever about the pros & cons (& I probably will at some point soon).
    And you're welcome - you're a unique person, & I think it's great that you have a blog to express yourself on. I'm sure your tumblr is very exciting, but I just never make it over there once I'm caught up on Blogger :.P Thanks for the comment!

  3. I think the graphics on your blog are sooo cute! Who did them? Do they do things like resumes too? Judging by the clean look and neutrally subtle colours, I bet they'd do an awesome job if they did redesign resumes!

  4. Silly boy. Thanks for your help on my blog banner. Perhaps I'll post about Refresh Your CV soon, since it's an awesome company :.)

  5. lovely buy ..i think its a great gift idea too! im always on the look out for gift ideas...so thanks for sharing and enjoy surfing the net on the go henceforth!

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