25 January 2011

Yoga, Runs, & Other Fun

So, today is Day 15 in the Yoga Journal 21-day Challenge. I started two days late, so it's really only Day 13 for me. With the exception of a day or two, I've been pretty consistent since then. And, actually, starting late has the advantage of giving me choices of practices each day. Plus, the first day of the week is always the same 45-min Fun Flow, so missing one wasn't a huge deal. Same with the last day of the week (20-min Evening Sequence), but I've done both of those so far because Sundays are kind of my Fridays, so it feels good to do a relaxing asana at the end of the day.

I've mostly been feeling really good from it. I was complimented on my posture the other day, & I can feel myself slowly getting stronger. Some days I have trouble getting into it & getting through it, but I'm always glad I did it once it's over.

I also have ran a few times during the challenge, & yesterday I completed my first (official) 5k run! It was a Fun Run for Running School, Inc. (a charitable organization committed to promoting exercise for children's health), held at the Whole Foods Market where I work. The 5k was very enjoyable, & I felt so good afterward. My mom & her fiance even showed up to take photos (& to enjoy a cinnamon roll from the bakery while I ran).

Oh, & then I worked on my feet for eight hours. Yep, I'm hardcore. It was so exhilarating to run across that finish line. I totally want to try training for a 10k at some point in the future (maybe later this spring??).

I also have been eating deliciously (& healthy). I feel so much better when I'm eating fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. (However, I must admit that nibbling on cheese at work is my weakness.) I did notice, though, that eating is such a pattern-based activity. When I'm eating produce-based meals, that's what I continue to want. But then if I have more than one meal with bread or pasta or fried food within a day or two, I start to crave those items. And then I have to break myself out of the habit. It's pretty crazy.

Also, I have a long list of yummy recipes to try soon!

Is anyone else doing the Challenge? How's it going? I'm super stoked to do the neck & shoulders postures tomorrow. Any tips on training for a 10k?



  1. wow this challenge sounds quite exciting and "challenging" ! im glad its going so well for you. i agree with you that eating is very pattern oriented. i end up eating quite a lot of outside/junk food on weekends and detox with fress fruits and milk on mondays...which sets the tone of the food for the next few days to come...until the weekend when i end up binging again :)

  2. I have not been blogging lately at all! Gah! I really need to get back into it, I really do love journalling my life and having an online community. Also, switching from one URL to another to another...bleh.

    ANYWAY- It's so awesome that you're doing the 21 day Yoga challenge! I've never stuck to any physical challenge that I've set up for myself, ever. And you've done C25K and now a 21-day yoga challenge! That is just awesome, Sabrina.

    I'm doing really well with my health lately, I've dropped almost 10lbs since New Years day (can you believe it!), and I've been walking/jogging everyday, counting calories and I've just started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Jillian Michaels is kind of ridiculous, (she's so extreme about fitness), but my friend suggested it would spark some weightloss and it definitely has.
    Counting calories is also kind of extreme, IMO, but... I really needed something to KICK MY ASS and make this weightloss work. I had rocketed all the way up to 225lbs. I was totally in shock. I can't wait until I lose enough weight to be able to try to run. I'm also planning on giving yoga another chance, too. I think it'd be awesome for my mind. I'm trying to make this into a major lifestyle shift, not just a diet.

    Along with the calorie counting, I've been eating so clean! Mostly organic, clean foods. Unprocessed. It feels amazing, honestly. I've never eaten this way. It's almost impossible to eat calorific meals when you focus your days with fruits and veggies.
    Ah! Anyways. You are inspiring. Goals are only useful if you work towards them and you are totally doing that!

    Wish me luck! :)


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