29 January 2011

Bits & Bobs

Here are some bits & bobs for you to enjoy this weekend:

* How sweet is this ring?

* I'm purging my internet browser's many tabs by (a) writing this here post & (b) using Instapaper, which let's me place pages on a Read Later list. [via Apartment #34 - Thanks, Erin!]

* Last night, I found a mix CD that I used to play while I drove around in high school. I called it 'Rock On Man'. (Others were titled 'Gangster', 'G Style', & 'Cowgirl Up' - yes, I have quite an eclectic taste in music.) Anyway, 'Why Don't You and I' by Santana ft. Chad Kroeger is on said mix CD, & I've been listening to it over & over today:

* I really want to make some of these crocheted hearts, but what would I do with them? [via Miles of Style]

* I'm loving the sound & vibe in Francesqa's new video:

* I love some of the tips on Food Network's Healthy Helpings guide.

Ah, that's enough for now. I took a bubble bath tonight, during which I ate an ice cream sundae & watched the new episode of Skins. It was, as the Brits say, lush. Today is my Monday, so I'll be working hard all weekend (& enjoying it). Any more exciting plans out there? Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Wait, you ate an ice cream sundae in the bath tub? Wow.

  2. Instapaper? Genius! I always have waaaayyyy too many tabs open. My friends all make fun of me haha Have a great weekend!


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