31 July 2009

Flowers from Jonty!

Jonty sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday! White roses, lilies, and babies breath. The flowers are so pretty, and they're very in tune with my style, which I think is very impressive for a boy to know. He's over 5,000 miles away, but he was still thoughtful enough to order these, along with a very nice card. Pretty amazing. I miss him so so so so so much! These flowers can't give me hugs and kisses, but they I guess they do make the distance between us a little easier to bear :.)

It's becoming a looooong week. My third job, as a Sac State Bookstore textbook temp, started up again. It's good to be making more money, but I'm definitely going going going. I worked two jobs today and applied for a loan for tuition. I am exhausted! I just made my breakfast/lunch/snacks for tomorrow, which will be delicious! It has a pizza bagel, blueberries, cherries, a salad, leftover angel hair pasta with marina and spicy Italian sausages, and a Crystal Geyser sparking juice. Yum yum yum yum yum! I'm actually really hungry, but since I'm going to sleep soon I opted out of eating when I got home from work. I should definitely already be asleep, actually, as I have to be at work in eight hours. I'm working lots, but I'm trying hard to enjoy it. People do too many things with a mindset of just trying to get through it to get to something better. Hopefully I get a chance to rest before going out to Social with the girls tomorrow night!

Also, this evening I am addicted to mozzerella cheese and can't stop eating it! Help!

Good night world!


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