25 July 2009

What I'm Thankful for Today

Today I drove to South Lake Tahoe and Minden, Nevada to pick up ice cream for the ice cream social at Whole Foods in Roseville tomorrow! It was really cool to finally see where the ice cream is made. I couldn't believe how small the plant is! There are only two ice cream machines and one machine to fill the pint cartons. I'm very impressed that these guys can keep up with the orders! I got lost between Minden and Tahoe, which was frustrating but I made it back okay. And I'm excited to have looked at the beautiful Lake Tahoe the day before doing an ice cream social with donations going to the League to Save Lake Tahoe. It's such a magnificent sight. When I got home, I got to eat a yummy dinner and watch an episode of the newly released season of Psych, and then I read and responded to a lovely e-mail from a couple of girls I lived with while studying abroad in Oxford.

Now it's time to curl up in bed with Christopher the teddy bear and read the book my sister lent me so I can finish it before she finishes her book. (She wants to read it next.) But first, here is a list of eleven things I am thankful for today:
1. The chicken & rice my mom put in the crockpot before leaving this afternoon. It was so nice to come home from driving all day and have dinner ready for me.
2. The man at the gas station that gave me very detailed directions when I was lost.
3. Psych Season Three.
4. Water.
5. Small businesses.
6. Lady Jade, my trusty steed (aka my car).
7. My sister and her friend Kai, who helped me out on our little adventure.
8. Voipstunt, which allow me to talk to my boyfriend (who is in the UK) even when I'm not home to Skype him.
9. My new "Go Green" socks from The Dollar Store.
10. E-mails for no purpose other than a friendly hello.
11. A new batch of Tahoe Flight Blueberry Delight ice cream.

Good night!


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