25 July 2009

To the fly in my room (or whoever put him here):

How do you do it? Every night, I notice a single fly in my room. By the next day, the fly is no longer around. I assume it got out or died somewhere for me to find and clean up after I've had a long day. However, the fly is back that night. That fly is you. Are you some kind of super fly that hibernates or reincarnates? What do you eat while you live in my room? Well, here's the scoop. When you buzz around at night while the lights are off, I'm trying to sleep and you're ANNOYING ME. I think you know this because you specifically fly in circles above my head. Please stop. I seriously think you're driving me mad, and I don't have the money to spend on a therapist. Really, get out.



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  1. You know what this happened to me actually. I swear the exact same thing. You might think I'm psycho but I think the fly is trying to tell you something. Here is my example: I noticed the fly a few days before my boyfriend of a year told me he was thinking about going on a break. The day after he told me he was thinking about it, I was very upset and he said he didn't want to yet. A few nights later, I went to bed and the fly was moving around my room instead of my window. I managed to kill it on my ceiling. The next day my boyfriend tells me he wanted to go on the break and instead of me crying like I did before, I was completely calm. I swear that fly made me realize how much of an asshole my boyfriend was. It was like a flash of how our relationship really was.

    If I were you I would maybe try and think about whats going on in your life. This fly could be symbolizing something in your life.


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