23 July 2009

First Post

I've been meaning to start this blog for months, yet here it sits, empty and sad. So I thought maybe beginning it with no frills will mean no pressure to write something fabulous each time. I'm horrible at keeping up journals as well, but at least I get them started...

I just got home from picturesque Montana. I visited my dad and his wife with my sister (aka Sissa). The trip was really very nice. We went on a hike, ate some of my dad's famous lasagne, played lots of cards, read on the porch, hung out by the river, did some thrift store and bookstore shopping, and enjoyed lots of nice conversation.

The interactions with my stepmom made me realize that you don't necessarily need to rip something apart at the seams in order to mend it. Sissa and I have had a rocky relationship with her; we've definitely had our differences. Wanting to end the eternal uneasiness of dealing with her, I thought I would have to confront her or write a letter about our issues. However, after a so-so beginning, we actually got along quite well, and I will actually venture to say that I enjoyed my time in Montana, including that spent with her. While I'm sure things are far from perfect, things are getting much more comfortable. Maybe confrontation wasn't the best way--which makes me happy, since I had been seeking to put it off even though I thought it was inevitable.

I'm trying this new growing up thing where I do what I set out to do, since adults are supposed to take responsibility for their lives. So hopefully this won't be my last post, but I can hardly say I'm a grown-up yet ;.)


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