24 July 2009

It's About Time

Smart is the new sexy.
Awkward is the new cool.
Flawed is the new beautiful.

This is the motto (if you will) of the blog "So about what I said...", one of Blogger's currently featured blogs. Here's what I think about that: It's about time! I've been saying that since... well, since I came to my senses and realized that it's more charming, and more fun, to be myself than to be perfect. I'm glad the rest of the world is catching on. Even in Ancient Greece people suggested that there is some perfect way to look, or perfect way to think and act, and that way of thinking has persisted throughout the centuries. I disagree with this. There are millions of perfectly good ways to look/think/act, all unique. Now, don't get me wrong--I'm not saying everyone has a perfect attitude or all actions are perfect or anything of the sort. There are definitely wrong ways to do things, but for something to be right it doesn't have to follow narrow guidelines.

Be unique. It's the only way to be truly beautiful.


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