20 August 2009


While at work today, Sissa sent me a text message that said I had received a package from Jonty. I waited in anticipation for the rest of my shift, and when I got home I immediately went straight for the parcel, looking of olden days wrapped in brown paper.

After unwrapping two layers of paper and cutting through a meticulous tape job (My sweetie is very thorough.), I discovered some lovely surprises!

In the box, I found: (1) a little note on a vintage-looking tag, (2) Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite by Paul Arden [a book that Jonty had been wanting me to read, yet he wouldn't tell me the title or anything about it], (3) a mix CD with some nice summery music, (4) a photo of him looking silly, and (5) some I ♥ Oxford potholders [for my family]. I thought it was a very creative and thoughtful package, and it definitely made my day!

Side note: I apologize for the bad quality of many of my photos lately. I've gotten into the habit of photographing with my cell phone, and the pictures obviously don't turn out as well as with a real camera.

It's funny how people are with surprises. Some people absolutely do not like being surprised. It makes them uncomfortable to encounter something they don't know. Most people say they like surprises, yet how many kids peek at Christmas present hiding spots? I did once, and I'm happy I didn't find much. I absolutely LOVE to be surprised, even if it's small. In fact, Jonty told me that his dad doesn't like to find out anything about a movie before going to see it in the cinema, and I really like that. I've begun doing that myself. In fact, I just started this book that my stepmom recommended to me:

I opened it blindly, having ignored the description on the back, and knowing only that someone I know enjoyed it. It's really exciting to go into something knowing that I will be surprised, no matter what. Speaking of my stepmom, she likes to read the end before beginning the book so that she can go through it slowly and not be concerned with how it will finish. I, on the other hand, usually cannot even read a book if I know how it ends, especially if I've seen the movie. I can't wait to see where Me & Emma leads me.

I have poured myself a lovely glass of Pinot Grigio (which is very refreshing, as it has been a while since I've had white wine) and plan to while away the evening reading my new book. I hope you enjoy your evening as well :.)



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  2. You forgot 6) a lovely tin of Heinz Baked Beanz! xxxxxxxxx

    fyi, that BIAS comment was me oops!

  3. Oh my goodness, you're right! They didn't make it into the photo because I put them aside so I would remember to eat them soon! Yummy!


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