03 January 2010

Happy New Year, a little late already

The past few weeks, the end of last year, the end of last decade was busy. I flew back home to Sacramento, saw my sister's new place in Portland, visited my dad in Montana, came back home for Christmas eve, visited my grandma in New Mexico, and drove to Concord for a biannual reunion with my three best gals from high school. Now I'm home for the duration, happy to be done traveling for about a week (until I fly back to England), around my lovely family and many friends, and back to a place with WiFi! So it's a little belated to post resolutions for the new year, but any time is a good time for a resolution.

2009 has seen a lot of changes in my life. New (great) guy, new school, new program, new city, new friends, new lack of employment, new plans (more like prospects) for my life.

And I know 2010 will bring more changes. Once I'm done with my MA (mid-September), I have to move on to the next stage of my life. This will probably bring yet another new location, (hopefully) a new job, perhaps new friends yet again.

I find it difficult to create resolutions because, while I'm aware that changes I might hope to make are bigger than just "lose weight" or "be more family-oriented," it's difficult to remember and follow a resolution if there isn't something tangible to go on. That being said, here is my resolution for 2010. It may be a bit vague, but it comes with a plan.

And my resolution is... drumroll please...

to get my life together.

I mean this in an almost literal sense.

Being without a schedule--without classes to attend or work shifts to show up for--has made my life and my brain a little unorganized, a bit less productive, and I'll be honest... slightly less fulfilling.

So my plan is the following:

1. Wake up at a decent time.
2. Work out a few times in the week, to keep my body & mind going strong.
3. Delay satisfaction. Meaning: Do productive things, for the most part, and use pure entertainment only at the end of the day or the end of the week to relax.
4. Get my Etsy shop together.
5. Find a way to deal with the anxiety, lack of concentration, and decision-making troubles that sometimes lurk in the background and get in the way. Learn not to double-think everything, not to procrastinate making decisions, not to be in two places at once, not to worry about simple things.

Happy 2010! I think this new decade will be a good one.


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