24 January 2010

Mystery Solved

Today, while working on my essays at the Grad Centre, my friend Kit noticed something strange. Downstairs, in the computer room that Jacob was working in, Jacob's things were scattered everywhere, the doorknob was broken off the door, and Jacob was nowhere to be found. We wondered aloud where Jacob was. I assumed he had worked until very late and had decided that he was in dire need of sleep and just left, knowing he'd return to collect his belongings soon.

When I went downstairs to print an article later on, I saw what Kit had described. The place was left in a bizarre state. I (jokingly) suggested that perhaps Jacob had been kidnapped. I also noticed that his credit card was lying out...

Kit was uncomfortable leaving his card out for anyone to take, so he ran down to grab it. When he returned, he said, "Mystery solved."

"What?" I asked. "Where the heck was he?"

He explained that when I was downstairs I had jostled the mouse or something, so the computer screen was lit up when he went down. On the screen was an e-mail conversation between Jacob and his girlfriend. His girlfriend, in not so few words, had said that she was disappointed that she was unable to have sex with him at the moment, since he was working on his essays in the Grad Centre. His reply was short and to the point: "Great. No worries. I'll be there in ten minutes."

Ah. The disappearance of Jacob, the untouched belongings, & (perhaps) the broken door handle are no longer a challenge. Mystery solved.

[I have changed the subject's name to Jacob so as not to embarrass him if he or any other Bristol philosophy postgrads read this post.]

Update: We learned the next day from Jacob that he did indeed break off the door handle on his hurried way out the door.


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  1. LOL! I just relayed the story to Alan who said "that's cute." hehehe


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