26 February 2010

A Big Change

After a winter filled with many happy memories but also too much negativity, I'm finally starting to see that Spring is coming. This week has brought a more positive and productive attitude than I've seen in a while, & I'm so glad I've gotten over the hump that I was stuck climbing. To celebrate a new attitude and the coming of warmer weather, I decided I needed a change. Since my life is pretty great the way it is, I thought a change in my hair might be nice. Time to clear away the heaviness of winter & negative thoughts--and cut my hair short!

me a couple of weekends ago (before a 1920s-themed party)

this morning, after showering & before cutting my own hair

lots of hair cut off - just the beginning!

the final result - loosely curled

this evening, after fixing the style a bit. straightened, for another look.

While it's difficult not to miss my long locks, my hair feels light & healthy. There's a lot I can do with my hair now that it's not so long (especially since my hair is super thick & I don't have much patience for styling it), & I'm excited to try out some new things. Plus, it won't take a million hours to dry, & with the cold weather still around in Bristol that's a big plus! In general, I'm feeling pretty good about it :.)

What change do you plan on making in preparation for spring?



  1. Wow, I love your new hair...I wish I had the guts to chop of my own hair by myself.

  2. Super cute! I cut my hair recently, too, and I LOVE how much easier it is to dry now :)

    btw, I'm hosting a giveaway that ends tomorrow! Would love for your to enter:


  3. Rachel: I love your Etsy shop. Didn't realize you had a blog, so I'm glad you commented :.)

  4. So adorable! You can pull of anything...love it :)


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