24 February 2010

Postal Surprise

Today I received a surprise in the mailbox (or our landlord's excuse for a mail area), in the form of a puffy red envelope. Sissa sent me some treats!

In the envelope was:

  • a valentine card with paper doll cutouts and accessories (the paper doll, not the card, is pictured because I got overexcited and popped the doll, etc out right away)
  • some lovely postcards from the Oregon Zoo of a cheetah and a polar bear family (which are now hanging on my wall)
  • a Big Hunk, an All-American candy bar that I haven't had in forever (Jonty was confused and excited about this candy)
  • a fabric cutout of a heart (heart cutouts are one of our family's quirks)
I know I've said before that my sister is awesome, but this just sums it up!

Thanks, love!


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