11 February 2010

On My Mind

I have lots of things swirling around in my mind at the moment. I thought listing them out might help calm my brain waves down a bit.

1. I like the new Blogger post editor!
2. I plan to redecorate my blog soon. Getting pretty excited about it. So far my plans are: banner with simple lettering and an outline of a hot air balloon, background with a light design of some kind of shape or other.
3. My stepmom, or as she will henceforth be known The Stepmother, is evil. I was really angry earlier and have calmed down quite a bit, but am still tempted to write her an e-mail saying "If you talk to my sister like that again, so help me God you will regret it" or "Your attempts at being nice/'nice' don't negate the fact that you're a manipulative bitch" or "FYI, you will henceforth be known as The Stepmother" etc.
4. My sister handled the stupid e-mail my stepmom sent so very very well. I'm so proud of her, and a little bit envious of her patience and even-headedness. She's pretty much my hero.
5. I'm really trying to stay positive and motivated regarding the essay I'm writing... and I really hope I can stay that way all night long... since sleep definitely isn't in sight. It's nearing ten o'clock and I can slightly feel the pull of home and bed.... Thankfully, I'm working at the Grad Center so bed doesn't tempt me as much.
6. My friend Denise, who lives with her husband in Oxford, is coming to visit me this weekend. I'm super excited for our weekend which will be filled with lots of good stuff: sangria, painting toenails, The Office, light saber fight, 1920s birthday party, and showing her around Bristol. (I just have to finish this essay first.... argh.)
7. My baby sister turns 20 next week. Crazy.
8. I'm so proud of/excited for my mama. She starts a new job on Monday, and she got a part-time online professorship too.
9. I need to get a job, but I know I can't juggle school with many hours. If anyone in Southwest England needs a babysitter, let me know!!!!!
10. I'm tired. And I need to get back to writing. *Positive thoughts!!!!*



  1. That is a lot to have on one's mind! I'm sorry the stepmother is evil :/ On the bright side, that will be fun seeing your friend! You seem to have so many British friends, which is very cool! Is Jonty also British? So very curious about how you guys met! Good luck with the paper :)

  2. Sobrina: Denise is actually a friend from home who lives in Britain, which is beyond cool. Jonty is in fact British, and I'll post soon (maybe today?) about how we met! Thanks for the idea :.)
    Rach: You're my hero, too, of course!


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