12 October 2010

Ranch Monday

Today has been a very ranch kind of day. I stuck around the house this morning, waiting on a call for my grandma. While I waited, I made a yummy salad lunch & my fave winter veggie pasta recipe to have for dinner later. (Both were a big hit!)

This afternoon, I helped by the creek. The beavers rebuilt their dam in a place that has led to too much land erosion in a bad area. So we had to tear it down. We felt bad but did our best to help lug all of the supplies further down the creek to a better spot & start building their new dam. Hopefully they feel at home in their new place! It was pretty hard work, & we left wet, covered in mud, & with water-filled boots, but it was fun. And it just felt good to use my body for something worthwhile.

After we changed shoes/socks & drinking lots of water, my mom & I fixed a window pane in the house my grandma owns down the street.

Afterward, I decided to go on a run to keep up with my 5k training plan. (I'm on the second to last week.) Perhaps due to the high elevation, or maybe the work I did earlier in the day hadn't caught up with me yet, but I definitely did not make it the whole 2.75 miles! The shower felt amazing anyway. And I'm pretty sore now.

This evening, we watched North to Alaska. It really set in the ranch feeling even more! I loved it. If you haven't seen it, buy it the next time you come across it at the store. (It's usually really cheap - $5 or less - since it's an oldie.)

I hope everyone else had a good Monday too!


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  1. Its awesome that you're running. I really need to kick my ass into shape....I'm gonna check out that 5k link!
    Have a great week!


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