29 October 2010

Travel Thursday: New Mexico {The Ranch}

Hi lovelies, here are some more photos from my trip to New Mexico a couple of weeks ago. These are from my grandma's ranch in the mountains.

A peek of golden leaves! 

 Before working in the creek

The beaver dam we tore apart & attempted to move to a better location 

After (You should have seen my boots!) 

My grandma's old tenant (She rents out a house near hers.) used to keep his birds in here.

The attic, where I helped replace two windows 

This beautiful house is for sale. Send me an e-mail if you're interested! 

My grandma painted those flowers years ago. It's hard to even imagine her doing something like that now.

Jonty & I are working on putting together some video clips taken in Kenya. Hopefully it will be ready by next Travel Thursday!


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