01 February 2011

My 30 for 30

Kendi over at Kendi Everyday is starting her Winter 2011 30 for 30 Remix Challenge today, & I've decided to play along.

Her 30 for 30 Remix is a challenge to mix & match only 30 items of clothing (not including outerwear & accessories) for 30 outfits. 30 items, 30 outfits, 30 days.

When getting my items together, I felt a lot of pressure. I thought, I can't possibly narrow it down to only 30 things! I don't know what happened to my math last night while photographing my items, but when I counted the pictures this morning, I only had 22! Wow, I guess 30 items gives more possibilities than I thought. (I also noticed that I must not wear very many items on a regular basis...) So I added a few more... Here we go!

1 skirt:

3 long-sleeved tees:

5 tops:

3 sweaters:

4 dresses:

 4 pants:

2 leggings:

2 blazers:

4 shoes:

You may notice that this only adds up to 28 items. Well, I'm off to exchange some jeans at Urban Outfitters this afternoon, & the last item I'm reserving. I know that Kendi's rules include no shopping, but I'll be in Europe for the second half of the 30 days, so I want to give myself the opportunity for one little treat. Also, I didn't include my work shoes because they're ugly & I don't plan to wear them other than at work, so my outfits will only include the other pairs of shoes. My first outfit will actually start tomorrow, as today is a workout clothes & pajamas kind of day. Happy remixing!


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