04 August 2009

Scattered Thoughts from/about Today

My mom and sissa bought me these really cute silver sandals yesterday! Mom got them in bronze and Sissa in white.

I also got a letter in the mail from an old job, saying that there was a check issued to me that was never cashed for $264 (I'm guessing for unused vacation/sick leave), along with a reissued check! Yay surprise money!

My left knee really hurts for some reason. It only started in the last couple minutes, but I can't really even walk. Wah. Hopefully it sorts itself out.

I rode my bike to work today! I can't believe I hadn't done it before! It felt really nice, and it's much easier than driving or walking, faster than walking, and cheaper than driving. Yay! I plan to get up and ride there in the morning. We'll see how this goes, since today I went in at noon and tomorrow I start at 8am. Before work today, I also rode my bike to Tupelo (an amazing local coffee shop) with my sissa. I had a great time, and next time we're bringing our knitting because we saw people knitting there and it looked like fun! I also found out Tupelo is opening a breakfast restaurant downtown, which I can't wait to ride my bike to :.)

Why do I get headaches when I use my shoulder muscles (e.g. carrying heavy bags on my shoulders)? I realize it's a tension headache, but why is it that I get them and most other people don't?

Same question, different problem: gray hairs at my age. Not that I mind much but still... why?

Can't wait to dye my hair darker and trim in it a few weeks, right before Val & Zach's wedding and leaving for the UK!

I'm reading a book called Brisingr--the third book in the Eragon series by Christopher Paolin. I'm enjoying it, but I want to finish it already!!! This is because (a) it is my sissa's and I want to get it back to her so she can read it before she goes back to school in a few weeks, (b) I've been reading it for forever and a day and am ready for something new, and (c) it's really big and heavy and I want to read a book that doesn't weigh my purse down (since I usually take the book I'm reading everywhere with me, just in case).

Time for sleep. I have work early! My plan for tomorrow:
(1) Bike to the bookstore.
(2) Work.
(3) ATM.
(4) Bike home.
(5) Make a dent in cleaning my room.
(6) Wash my car, or at least the windshield.
(7) Zumba with Rachel at 6:30pm.
(8) Drive-in movie.


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