12 July 2010

Happy people are better workers.

An article in The Observer yesterday talked about a recent study on the relationship between happiness & productivity. The finds? When people are happy, they are most efficient. So, while you refill your coffee cup this morning, consider that you will get more done (hello raise?) if you perk up & get happy. Another way of looking at it is: When you come back from lunch 20 minutes late, point your boss to the newspaper article & tell him that you're happy to have gotten some fresh air & good food & will now be a diligent little worker bee. Well, maybe avoid the latter of the two. But I do think the article is interesting.

I actually find that being productive makes me more productive. When I work in the morning, & I get a lot done, then I feel more productive (schoolwork-wise) in the afternoon after I leave work. Okay, well, I say this, but it hasn't really been happening lately. I just can't get back into the dissertation groove. It's a new week, though, & I feel good about it!

Actually, I think I have been productive, but just with other things. I've started getting my Etsy shop together, and (as you can see) I'm revamping my blog. My favorite part so far is the white border on all the photos. It's not done yet, though. I have a banner to put up & will probably do a bit more tweaking. Oh, but I do have to ask: Is my new layout too wide? I like wide, but for netbook users etc I'm not sure if it's too much. Let me know if it is.

What makes you more productive?

Happy Monday! (Literally.)


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  1. LOVE the new layout!!! So cute and fresh! Ooh la la I can't wait to see your Etsy! My goal was to create my Etsy this summer, but I've been swamped with school work instead. It's a good thing.

    What makes me more productive? At work - praise. If I am just acknowledged, it lets me know that I'm helping the people I work with. I need to know my purpose at work and that I'm helping others.

    For school, a little bit of personal time and scheduled-in "fun" is what makes me more productive. Also, lists upon lists, help me maintain my productivity level. That's how I keep on top of things :)

    But definitely being happy makes me more productive with work and school :)


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