09 July 2010

Paul the Octopus!

For those of you who are not obsessing over the World Cup, Paul the Octopus is a supposedly psychic octopus who has been predicting the outcome of the World Cup matches, mostly involving Germany. For each game, he is presented with two boxes, one with each team's flag, and he then chooses food out of the box of the team that he thinks will win. He hasn't been wrong so far in this World Cup.

Well, apparently, some Argentineans have gotten angry at Paul the Octopus, blaming him for their loss in the quarter finals. (I assume this is because they think either (a) that he has some kind of power over the outcomes of soccer matches or (b) that he is giving the team he chooses the psychological advantage.) Anyway, these angry South Americans have threatened to EAT PAUL! A local newspaper even gave a recipe for preparing Paul Paella. Whoa guys, let's take it easy. He's just an octopus.

To put even more pressure on Paul, a new (supposedly) psychic animal, Mani the Parakeet, has been presented to the world by his 80-year-old fortune teller owner. Paul has predicted that Spain will win against the Netherlands in the final on Sunday, and Mani has chosen the Netherlands. So I guess Sunday will be a telling day.

The world is a ridiculous place.


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  1. Obviously the octopus is going to be wrong. This parakeet sounds much more reliable.

    Hup Holland!

  2. Hahaha. Well, don't worry: I'll be cheering for Holland! Then again, every team I've supported so far has lost.... And then again (again), all teams but two have lost at some point.

    Forgive me, I've just gotten back from the pub ;.)

  3. Paul is friggin awesome!!!! A psychic octopus...I LOVE IT.

    Haha this really is too funny. I'm not watching the world cup...well, because there's not enough time, I don't have TV and I just don't care, but this is funny! This is the 2nd article on Paul I've seen so far today. Lovin it!


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