19 July 2010

Questions Asked, Questions Answered: Melanie from 'you are my fave'

Melanie from you are my fave has graciously let me ask her all the questions I ever wanted to ask lots of questions about her & her blog. She probably doesn't need much introducing, since she's so lovely that everyone knows about her fun-loving style and attitude. And if you haven't come in contact with her blog, check it out now. Her blog was one of the first I ever started following, so I'm very delighted to have been in contact with her & to present some of her charm on my blog!

In her e-mail, she told me, "Whenever it comes to choosing my absolute fave of one thing, I have the hardest time. I'm better at the top ten lists of things. So these are the faves that come to mind but can change at any time."

Book: Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
Word: crisp, cheeky, chello, meet cute
TV series: 30 Rock
Film: Oceans 11
City: Rome
Color: sea blue
Dance move: various takes on the shimmy
Quote: "The sweetness and generosity and politeness and gentleness and humanity of the French had shown me how lovely life can be if one takes time to be friendly."  - Julia Child

Most embarrassing fave?
I like Lauren Conrad.

You tell us about your faves all the time on your blog. What are some things that you aren't a fan of?

dress shoes with jeans, when animals destroy food in movies, rats, John Mayer, the NBA tattoo situation, necklaces on guys, Walmart, used bandaids

How are your dancing skills?
As far as coordinated and technical dancing, not so much. But I've been known to put on a show when the iPod is set to random or the 30 Rock theme song comes on. There's a lot of circular arm movements involved.

You throw amazing parties. If you could organize a party for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? What would the party be like?

I would throw a celebration for my sister and her husband when a child finally gets placed with them through adoption. It would be a lovely outdoor affair with long tables, crisp linens and strings of lights. My entire family would be there

Here on [scattered thoughts by breenuh], I sometimes post Steps to Simple Happiness. Do you have one to share?
Every once in a while take the time to make a really big and delicious breakfast and share it with someone you like.

What is the best thing about blogging?
the fan club

Any blogger advice?

Post what you love without worrying if anybody else loves it.

Thanks, Melanie, for humoring me. It's been really fun getting to know you better!



  1. Thanks for thinking of me for this series. I'm glad you asked me what things I'm not a fan of. I edited that list down but I could go on for days.

  2. The NBA tattoo situation - hysterical! This list in general was great :)

  3. hahhah. melanie is the cutest/funniest/best overall person ever.

  4. what a great list!

    i never realized what a fabulous word "cheeky" is! and ditto on the necklaces on men... not a good look :)

  5. Good interview! Seriously. The NBA tattoo situation is only over-shadowed by the gold chain situation in major league baseball. Honestly. What are they thinking?

  6. Love this interview. Melanie's blogging advice is great. And sending out good vibes for Melanie's sister's adoption progress :) I want to see that party!

  7. i loved this! great interview - great questions and great answers!

  8. I love this interview, the questions are really great!


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