20 July 2010

Random Tuesday: Organized


Somehow I managed to organize Random Tuesday. Oops!

* Random Letter:
Dear Mr Thirsty,
You chose the wrong person to gulp next to in the library.
Sincerely annoyed,
P.S. If I can hear you swallow through my headphones, it's time to see a doctor.

* Random Thought:
I realized I haven't been having scary nightmares as often. I occasionally have a bad dream, but it's the sort about making a stupid decision, not about being chased/kidnapped. That's good.

* Random Illustration:
(How I'm feeling today)

* Random Optimism:
At least my friend Nora is arriving in Bristol this evening. She'll be staying with me, & she's cheerful, so hopefully my spirits will lift.

* Random song:
I randomly thought of this last night in bed & couldn't fall asleep until I have found it & listened to it. Oh how I miss the 90s.

* Random quote:
"You're a gigantic parody of yourself & you don't even know it." --Tara, True Blood



  1. Love the True Blood quote. Then again, I love anything True Blood. Hope your day gets better so you can illustrate some sunshine. Happy RTT.

  2. Noisy gulpers are annoying... Glad you haven't had scary nightmares! Sorry you're down in the dumps... Yay for cheerful friends! ;) The True Blood quote is perfect!

    RTT: Heat, Dork Dogs, Etc.

  3. Loving the random quote!

  4. I just found your blog and I'm crazy about it. :) I gave you a blog award over on my blog.

  5. Oh man, 2gether! What great nostalgia.


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