17 July 2010

Scattered {Saturday} Thoughts

Happy Saturday! I haven't written any scattered thoughts in a while. It might be worthwhile to throw down the info swirling around in my brain.

* Since I now have next week off work, I've been looking at last minute mini trips. I haven't found anything particularly cheap, but... I'm thinking that in a couple of weeks (after I get paid) I'll pack a bag & just show up at the airport! I hear standby flights are very cheap, & it would be such a fun adventure not to know where I'm headed till a few hours before my flight :.)

* I got a little care package in the mail from my mom last night! It contained: some of our family's favorite Trader Joe's coffee, two books to help with my dissertation, colorful hair-ties, & some fancy earrings (cute but where will I ever wear these?). I really love getting things in the mail!

* I've already made a cup of Trader Joe's Seattle Style Dark Roast, & I'm enjoying it with some fresh bread & cheese that I just bought at the farmer's market. Yum! Writing about coffee made me think of one of my fave Will & Grace scenes:

* Quite often, things that happen in real life remind me of something that happened in Will & Grace. I'm mildly addicted to the show. I have all of the seasons on DVD, & I watch it while I fall asleep most nights that I sleep by myself. I have the same life-TV parallel with Veronica Mars & The Office. (That's really all the TV I ever watch these days, except some occasional Curb Your Enthusiasm with Jonty & then whatever show we're on at the moment - currently The Wire.)

* I finally found a used copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. Anyone want to Book Club it??

* Speaking of used books, I've decided I'm not buying any new books for a year! (With the slight exception of hugely necessary & unfindable dissertation-related books.)

* Huge news!!! On Monday, I'll be starting a new interview series. The first interview I'll be putting up is with one of my very favorite bloggers! She's well-loved in the blogging community, & I'm so so excited that she's going to be on here.

Any guesses as to who will be the first interviewee?! The first person to guess correctly just might get a little surprise in the mail... :.)


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  1. Coffee ALWAYS reminds me of that Will & Grace scene! I admire your used books goal.

    Lovely blog :)


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