14 July 2010

Jonty's Graduation Day

Jonty was lucky enough to graduate in what was probably the most beautiful week so far in England. Except, possibly, for the fact that he had to wear a big, hot robe on said warm day.

Anyway, we had to be at the university quite early in the morning. After getting tickets & robe, we grabbed some coffee & a full English breakfast. Then, we headed into the graduation ceremony. It was a nice ceremony, & Jonty looked very handsome.

Afterward, we had lunch with his parents at The Trout, a lovely pub in Wolvercote, a small town near Oxford. (Jonty also took me there for lunch on my birthday last September.) I had pasta with artichokes, olives, tomatoes, rocket & goats cheese. Jonty, of course, had the fish & chips. We weren't stalked by a peacock like last time; this time it was a duck.

After lunch, Jony & I went on a stroll along the river to The Perch.

At The Perch, I obsessed over the decor for a while, & then we had a cup of tea.

How effing beautiful is this place???

Jonty graduated with a BSc in Business - Marketing & Communications, with First Honours. He worked hard to achieve his degree, & I'm so proud of him. Well done, & congrats!



  1. Congratulations Jonty!!! Looked like a perfect day!

  2. Congrats to the graduate! And what a lovely place to celebrate at.


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