24 March 2010


I'm happy because of:
* drinks at a [secret] classy bar with two of my housemates. (You have to ring the doorbell to get in, and they have to approve. The inside is super classy, and the drinks are delicious and strong.)
* my new job. (Yes, I have a job!!! As an intern with the University of Bristol! I'll be helping to set up the Blackboard online teaching site for next year's units. It's temporary and part-time and should be cool. And it would be sweet if it gave me an in for a permanent job in the future...)
* KENYA in less than two weeks!
* Rogue Wave's new CD (especially the song "I'll Never Leave You")
* planning a european adventure for this summer. (I'll be going with Jonty, and some or all of my housemates, and possibly a friend or two roaming in Europe. We'll definitely be going to Berlin, maybe staying with one housemate's parents in the south of France, possibly popping over to Prague, and who knows what else!)
* seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3-D tomorrow with some friends.
* yummy made-up stir-fry for dinner. (Stir fry is my new favorite food to make. More versatile than pasta.)
* being in love.


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  1. I'm glad that SOMEONE is having a good day! I'm totally in a funk and reading this actually made me smile. Tough feat, well done. Kenya in 2 weeks!!! Even I can get excited about that and I'm not even going!


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