23 March 2010

Pondering the Night's Sky

After Barry over at Life in Quotations posted a poem he had written some years ago, I got to thinking about some of the poetry I wrote for a Creative Writing class I took in high school. I've been looking over the poems and thought I'd share one.

Pondering the Night's Sky
I lie back-down in itchy emerald green
And look up into a sky I've never seen.
For each night’s sky’s distinct in its own way,
Having lots to hear and much to say.
Tonight the sky is barren of all light
Full of clouds with no bright stars in sight.
I hope with all my might until I spy
A glowing piece of fire shining high.
I know it must have traveled very far
To get to me, the brave resplendent star.
I wonder if it still exists up there
Or if it’s turned into a void of air.
It’s quite amazing how just sparkles know
When we’re in need of hope that they do grow.


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